Know Your Class: Using Enhanced Student Demographics to Improve Teaching

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Nov 15th at 1:30 PM until 2:05 PM


Concurrent 35-min Research Presentation 
All POD members 
Faculty Professional Development 
Teaching & Learning 


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Concurrent Session: 35-minute research presentation; Session A

Ryan Banow, University of Saskatchewan; Jim Greer, University of Saskatchewan; Stephanie Frost, University of Saskatchewan

Faculty are often unable to complete a proper learner analysis because they know little about the students that comprise their classlist. At our university, we have been surveying incoming students for five years to collect enhanced demographic data and for the past two years have been sharing aggregate, anonymous data with faculty. Resources have been provided on how to make sense of the data for teaching purposes. In this study, we conducted focus groups with faculty to learn how they have used the data and resources and also to find out what additional data would further support their teaching.

Topics: Technology, Faculty Professional Development, Learning Analytics

Audience: All POD members, Faculty (conference attendees who are faculty and also part-time developers), Educational Developers & Instructional Designers