W03. Responding to Challenges and Opportunities: Directing a Teaching/Learning Center

Date & Time

Nov 14th at 1:00 PM until 4:30 PM


Seasoned educational developers 
POD-Sponsored Professional Development Sessions 
Pre-Conference Workshop (3 hr) 
Professional Development Committee 
POD Professional Development 


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Pre-conference Workshop: 3-hour interactive workshop
POD-sponsored Professional Development Session
Sponsor: Professional Development Committee

Laurel Willingham-McLain, Duquesne University; Francine Glazer, New York Institute of Technology; Taimi Olsen, Clemson University; Julia Metzker, Stetson University

Respondents on the 2016 POD Membership Survey indicated a strong need for learning center management and leadership skills. This session, facilitated by four center directors from very different institutions, responds to this need. Session participants will examine: 1) management and leadership responsibilities, especially in the context of continual change; 2) strategic alignment of the center's work with institutional mission; and 3) evaluation of center work and demonstration of impact. Participants will leave with an individualized professional development plan, practical tools, and guiding questions that enable them to seek out relevant sessions and colleagues during the conference.

Topics: Administration, Programs

Audience: Seasoned educational developers, Administrators