College Collaboration = Sustainability! Let Me Show You How!!

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Dec 6th at 10:30 AM until 11:45 AM



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GEAR UP students have an amazing opportunity to engage in numerous resources. However, how do you know if they really get the importance of college? When they leave high school they have to have a plan. There needs to be a bridge between high school and college and career. This workshop will give you the foundation on how to establish a strong partnership with the local colleges in your community where you will develop common language and leverage resources for your students. You will access ONE main contact person (Success Coach) who will focus on GEAR UP (college and career readiness) for your schools and be a bridge for your students to leave high school and have a smooth transition into post secondary options within your community. The College Collaboration is designed to partner, create and innovate academic and college preparation opportunities to foster the development of skills and experiences to help students succeed and excel in higher education and their future career paths.

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