Security, Safety, and Emergency Services

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Emergency Procedures

Severe Weather (Tornado's, Storms, Etc.) :

Listen to alarms and announcement over our PA system for information on what kind of severe weather is approaching.

Please follow the instructions of the Hotel Lead who will escort you to the proper location.

If in the vicinity of Grand Ballroom or Regency Ballroom you will be located to the BACK HALLS of the hotel.

If you are located in the Grand hall or Historic Head House you can take shelter behind the FRONT DESK, BATHROOMS, or INTERIOR AREAS away from windows.

(Please remember there will always be a Hotel Personnel to give instructions)

Fire/Evacuation Situations:

Listen to PA system for information.

Please follow the instructions of the Hotel Lead who will escort you to proper location

If in the Ballroom Area BACK DOCK exit, or Ballroom exits in FOYER A, B, or C.

You will then proceed to the PARKING LOTS Across from the St. Louis Union Station Hotel or in back of the Station.

If you are in the Head House meeting Rooms (the train name rooms) proceed to the stairs at the west end of the hall and proceed down to exit the building. There is a second set of evacuation stairs near the middle of the floor next to Zephyr Rocket and a last set of stairs on the east end of the meeting space to exit you down to the Terminal Atrium (glass block floor). You will then proceed to the PARK across the street from the St. Louis Union Station Hotel.

Emergencies (Medical or Other):

Locate the nearest HOUSE PHONE

If in the Ballroom area there is one in Foyer C (around the corner from Grand C)

Press or dial 55 this will connect you to our Security Department please notify them of what is happening.

If you feel you do not have time to find a phone please find a hotel associate who can locate the correct personnel for you.

Assist in taking action from the orders given by the Hotel Lead.

Contacting Hotel Security on non-urgent matters – 314-802-3455

Lost and Found

If you find an item in an AAS meeting room, please bring it to the AAS Registration Desk before the close of the day. The items will be turned into security at the end of each day.