2019 ELCA Southeastern Synod Assembly

Welcome to the 2019 ELCA Southeastern Synod Assembly!

Together in spirit, at the 2018 Assembly, we prayerfully responded to the call of a year-long conversation about the Southeastern Synod Bishop of the future. We continued conversations in our deaneries, discerning the needs of the synod and developing a profile for our future bishop.

It is in that same spirit that we now pray, as a synod, for discernment for those who are called to stand as nominees and those who are called to serve as voting members. We pray for the one who is elected to serve and for Bishop Gordy as he embarks upon a new chapter in his life. We offer our prayers of thanksgiving for the families of Bishop Gordy and the Bishop-elect for their roles in this journey.

Moving forward in faith, Ms. Mikka McCracken, our Churchwide Representative, will guide us through the bishop election procedures and preside over the Assembly during each phase of the election. Ms. McCracken serves with ELCA World Hunger as Director for Planning Engagement.

The Rev. James (Jim) Mauney, Bishop Emeritus, Virginia Synod, will keep us focused in faith with a Bible Study during Plenary.

The success of our Assembly is largely dependent upon the participation of all who attend. In particular this year, voting members are asked to visit the Registration Office to secure credentials as early as possible on Friday morning to be able to vote on the first ballot. To that end, the Registration Office will close at 11:45 a.m. EDT and will reopen after the completion of the first ballot. Also, voting members are asked to attend additional plenary sessions on Friday afternoon and evening. You will find details of the plenary sessions in the draft agenda posted in the Assembly App and website.

We eagerly await our time of gathering together in the spirit and welcome your continued prayers for our Synod and Synod Assembly as we move forward in faith.