2019 Upstate NY Synod Assembly

The focus for Synod Assembly 2019 is Growing in Our Witness!

Our logo for 2019 reiterates the 4G's as presented by Bishop John Macholz and is centered on the Synod's mission as we continue to grow God's church of the future...
Grounded in Christ Jesus
Growing in Our Witness
Giving of Our Bounty
Graced for the World

As stated by Bishop Macholz, "One leads into the other and creates a progression of steps to take as we grow into not only our faith, but also the ability to proclaim it, share it, witness it to others and the world."

Along with tending to the Synod business for the year and participating in educational workshops, participants at this year's assembly will have opportunities to connect and engage in work to better equip ourselves to spread the love of God through our the actions that we take each and every day.