IEEE Transformers Committee - Spring 2019 - Anaheim, CA

Committee Information


What is the Transformers Committee?

The Transformers Committee is one of the largest and most active of the 16 standards developing technical committees of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES). The Committee is comprised of technical and managerial representatives from manufacturers, consultants, vendors, and end-users of electrical transformers & components. The continuing scope of the Committee is to develop and update standards & guidelines for the design, testing, repair, installation, operation, and maintenance of transformers, reactors, and associated components that are used within the electric utility and industrial power systems. One of the Committee's responsibilities is to produce and maintain documents contained in the IEEE C57 Standards Collection. The Committee's standards work provides a crucial service to society's need for continuing development and maintenance of a reliable, safe, and efficient power system infrastructure. More information on the Committee's scope and meetings can be found at

Scope of the Committee

Included in the scope of the Committee is treatment of the following equipment & apparatus:

Generation, Transmission and Distribution Transformers

Voltage Regulators (step and induction regulators)

Reactors and Grounding Transformers

HVDC Converter Transformers and Smoothing Reactors

Power Semiconductor Rectifier Transformers

Instrument Transformers (voltage and current transformers)

Insulation and Dielectric Problems Relating to Transformers

Outdoor Apparatus Bushings

Insulating Fluids

Phase Angle Regulating Transformers

Underground & Submersible Transformers and Network Protectors

Committee Meetings

The Committee meets twice a year (usually in March/April and October/November), generally in various locations in North America (USA, Mexico and Canada). Over 500 Committee Members and guests, plus 60-80 spouses/companions from North America, Europe, Asia and other areas attend each meeting. The meetings have a technical focus and are strictly non-commercial.

Each meeting generally begins with a Welcome Reception held on Sunday night. Individual working group and subcommittee meetings are all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The entire Committee meets together in a two-part General Session on Monday and Thursday mornings. A Tuesday Awards Luncheon and a Wednesday Evening Dinner Social are provided. Technical Tours are also usually offered (often includes a tour of a nearby transformer manufacturing plant). Occasionally, there is an Early Bird Event (golf outing, dinner theater, etc.) on Saturday evening for those attendees who arrive early. Tutorials & Presentations are also held at each meeting on Thursday mornings to provide attendees with updates of important technical issues. Professional development credits (PDHs) are available.

Who Can Attend a Committee Meeting?

Want to "brush shoulders" with THE EXPERTS in transformers? Anyone interested in learning more about transformers and helping advance the work of the Committee is welcome to attend a meeting. Registration fee for meetings is approx. US $300, which includes breakfasts each morning and admission to the Welcome Reception. Upon active participation in meetings and contributing to the Scope of the Committee, a guest is eligible for membership in the Committee. The Committee has approximately 200 active members.

Refer to the Transformers Committee website for information on:

  • Past meetings including meeting minutes
  • Upcoming meetings
  • Committee officers