High Monkey

We have been creating smart human solutions for our clients since 1998. We take a unique, human-focused approach, combine it with our technology savvy and produce results that make a real difference in your business. We work with some of the largest companies in the world, as well as state and local governments, university systems, and various types of small to mid-sized companies.

Our experience has taught us a lot, here are a few fundamental truths we have discovered along the way...
o If you ignore the people using the technology, you are wasting your time and money
o We aren't the right fit for everyone - but if you've had enough sugar coating and want results, give us a call
o We are serious about our work, but also realize that a healthy sense of humor is essential to success
o Choosing the right technology solution requires honesty (from us) and courage (from you)

We strive to be your trusted advisors. It's that simple.