1. David Maurstad, MBA
    FEMA, Deputy Associate Administrator, Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration
  2. Bridget Bean
    FEMA, Assistant Administrator, Grant Programs
  3. Jeff Byard
    FEMA, Associate Administrator for Response and Recovery
  4. Daniel Kaniewski, Ph.D., MA
    FEMA, Acting Deputy Administrator
  5. Vicki Abbinante
    IAEM-USA Children and Disasters Caucus , Vice Chair
  6. C. Ryan Akers, Ph.D
    Mississippi State University; MyPI National, Associate Extension Professor, Community Preparedness and Disaster Management; MyPI National Project Director
  7. Bob Allen
    Chainbridge Technologies, CEO
  8. John Banghoff
    National Weather Service, Meteorologist
  9. Joshua Barnes
    Emergency Management and Medical Operations, Recovery Director
  10. Heather Beal, CEM, Ph.D.
    BLOCKS, President & CEO, and Chair of IAEM-USA Children and Disasters Caucus
  11. Todd Becker
    North Carolina State University, Emergency Manager
  12. Kailie Benson
    U.S. Coast Guard, Chief, Office of Contingency Preparedness & Exercise Policy
  13. Courtney Bernet, MPA
    DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, Planning Program Manager
  14. Aimee Binning
    Albany County, Coordinator
  15. Sam Bogan
    University of Colorado - Boulder, Emergency Communications Coordinator
  16. Lenora Borchardt
    EMI Instructor
  17. Sherry-Lea Botop
    Baldwin County Commission, AL, Public Information Officer/Community Engagement
  18. Samantha Brann, MSL
    Arlington County Emergency Management, Community Engagement Manager
  19. Curtis Brown, CEM, MPA, MA
    Virginia Department of Emergency Management, Chief Deputy State Coordinator
  20. Jim Buchanan, MPA, CEM, UCEM
    IAEM-USA Region 8, President
  21. Paula R. Buchanan
    Jacksonville State University, Doctoral Student
  22. Marc Burdiss
    Preparedness Solutions, Inc., President
  23. Richard Button
    U.S. Coast Guard, Coordination Division Chief, Office of Search and Rescue
  24. Lucien Canton
    Lucien G. Canton, CEM (LLC), Consultant
  25. Allison Carlock
    FEMA, Branch Chief, Partnership and Engagement
  26. Jason Chenault, CEM
    IAEM-USA Healthcare Caucus , Chair
  27. Cathy Clark
    IAEM-USA Training & Education Committee, Chair
  28. Sharon Colley
    Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), Training Instructor
  29. John Conklin, CEM, MEP, P/PEM
    IAEM-USA Region 3, President
  30. Scott Cormier
    Ascension, VP, Emergency Management, EC, & Safety
  31. Justin Cox
    City of Fort Worth, TX Office of Emergency Management, Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator
  32. David Crawford
    AIA North Carolina, Executive Vice President
  33. Christy Crosser
    IAEM-USA Disaster Cost Recovery & Finance Caucus, Vice Chair
  34. Christina Crue
    Tidal Basin, Senior Director, Preparedness and Resilience
  35. Travis Cryan, CEM
    DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management and Vice Chair of IAEM-USA Healthcare Caucus
  36. Dale Currier, CEM, MEP
    Oswego County Emergency Management, Director
  37. Carol Cwiak, JD, Ph.D.
    North Dakota State University, Associate Professor/Internship Coordinator
  38. Kevin Deitsch
    National Weather Service, Warning Coordination Meteorologist
  39. Jeff Dyar
    Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), Adjunct Instructor
  40. J. Scott Eddy, AIA
    Barlow Eddy Jenkins, P.A, President
  41. Lesley Edgemon
    Argonne National Laboratory, Emergency Management and Resilience Analyst
  42. Tiana Farrant, M.C.P.
    Denver Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Emergency Management Coordinator
  43. James Featherstone, MA
    Homeland Security Advisory Council at Pepperdine University's School of Public Policy (HSAC@SPP), Executive Director
  44. Edward Fenelon
    NOAA - National Weather Service, Meteorologist in Charge
  45. DeeEll Fifield, MS
    Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium, Master Instructor
  46. Krista Flannigan, J.D.
    Florida State University (FSU) College of Criminology, Director
  47. Russell Flick
    EMI Instructor
  48. Mary Jo Flynn-Nevins
    Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services, Emergency Operations Coordinator
  49. Kathy Francis
    Frederick Community College, Executive Director
  50. Suzanne Frew
    The Frew Group, President
  51. Jamie Galloway, MS, CEM, TEM
    IAEM-USA Region 6, President
  52. Luis Garcia
    FEMA, Chief, CBRN Support Branch
  53. Kelly Garrett, EdD, MS
    Emergency Management Institute, Director, EMPP
  54. Peter Gaynor, MA
    FEMA, Acting Administrator
  55. April Geruso
    Hagerty Consulting, Inc., Director of Resilience
  56. Paula Gibson, AEMCA
    IAEM-Canada Council, President
  57. Brad Gilbert, OCEM
    IAEM-USA Region 5, President
  58. Kerrie Gogoel
    Chainbridge Technologies, Project Manager
  59. Jim Groves
    Durham County, Director
  60. Kim Guevara, MA
    Mozaik Solutions, Founder & CEO
  61. Gregory Gust
    NOAA, National Weather Service, Warning Coordination Meteorologist
  62. Daniel Hahn, MA, MBA, CEM, FPEM
    IAEM-USA Region 4, President
  63. Jeffrey Hansen, CEM
    IAEM-USA Tribal Affairs Caucus , Chair
  64. Carolyn Harshman, MPA, CEM
    IAEM-USA Region 9, President
  65. Deborah Helton
    IAEM-USA Transportation Ad Hoc Committee, Chair
  66. Earl Hernandez, EMDM, Post MBA, NREMTP, CCEMTP, PNCCT, Clinical Field Traumatologist
    Emergency Response Training Company Limited
  67. Jeffrey Hice
    EMI Instructor
  68. Eddie Hicks, CEM, MEP
    IAEM-USA Past President
  69. Keri Hobbs, MPA
    University of Georgia Extension; MyPI Georgia, 4-H Specialist for Volunteer Development; MyPI Georgia Program Manager
  70. Pam Hobbs, CEM
    Engineering Solutions Inc, Program Manager and EMI Instructor
  71. Doug Hoell
    NEMA, EMAC Advisor
  72. Ken Horst, CEM, MPA
    The University of Alabama, Assistant Director
  73. Terri Howard
    FEI Behavioral Health, Senior Director
  74. David Hubeny, CEM
    IAEM-USA Universities & Colleges Caucus, Vice Chair
  75. C.J. Huff
    J&M Global Solutions, Senior Advisor - Education Systems
  76. Rachel Ingle, CEM, TEM
    City of San Marcos, TX, Emergency Management Coordinator and Homeland Security Manager
  77. William Irwin
    Vermont, Radiological and Toxicological Sciences Program Chief
  78. Matt Jadacki
    EY, Executive Director
  79. Paul Johnson
    Douglas County Emergency Management Agency, Omaha, NE, Director
  80. Thomas Johnstone
    National Weather Service, Meteorologist in Charge
  81. Josha Jordan
    Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Program Manager
  82. Natasha Joseph, MBA, Grad IOSH, IAEM,CBCI
    Sol Caribbean Ltd., Health, Safety and Environmental Advisor
  83. Noel Kepler, MA
    for an International Non-Profit, Executive Communications Advisor/Global Communications Strategist
  84. Sarah Kirby, Ph.D
    North Carolina State Extension; MyPI North Carolina, Professor, Assistant Extension Director, FCS Program Leader; MyPI North Carolina Program Manager
  85. Jennifer Kline
    Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Coastal Hazards Specialist
  86. Rick Knabb, Ph.D.
    The Weather Channel, On-Air Hurricane Expert and Tropical Program Manager
  87. Aren Koenig
    Save the Children, Program Specilaist
  88. Lauralee Koziol
    FEMA, FEMA's National Advisor on Children and Disasters
  89. Erica Kuligowski, Ph.D.
    National Institute of Standards and Technology, Research Social Scientist
  90. Cyndi Lake, MPH, CEM
    National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Emergency Operations Coordinator
  91. Patrick Laverty
    The Walt Disney Company, Sr. Manager, Family Assistance & Crisis Team Training
  92. Jennifer Lazo, CEM
    City of Los Angeles, Emergency Management Coordinator and Vice Chair of IAEM-USA Emerging Technology Caucus
  93. Terry Lightheart, CEM
    IAEM-USA Faith-Based Organizations Caucus , Chair
  94. Diane Logsdon
    The Logsdon Group, President
  95. Brock Long, MPA
    Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 2017 - 2019), Former Administrator
  96. Christa Lopez, Ph.D.
    Texas General Land Office, Director
  97. Leslie Luke
    IAEM-USA Diversity Committee, Chair
  98. Anthony Mangeri, MPA, CPM, CEM
    IAEM-USA Region 2, President
  99. Karen Marsh
    FEMA, Branch Chief, National Integration Center Technical Assistance
  100. Michael Martinet, MS, CEM
    The Martinet Group, LLC, Principal and Chair of IAEM-USA Disaster Cost Recovery & Finance Caucus
  101. Andrew McGuire, CEM, EMT-P
    IAEM-USA Region 1, President
  102. Kelly McKinney, PE, CBCP, MPA
    NYU Langone Health, Senior Director
  103. Vince Meldrum
    Earth Force, CEO Earth Force
  104. Laura Mellem, MA
    New Orleans Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness, Public Engagement Manager
  105. Tony Mendes
    FEMA Region 8 (Denver), Risk Communication Program Manager
  106. Ali Meyer, MS
    Mozaik Solutions, Executive Vice President
  107. Sarah Miller, MPA, CEM
    IAEM-USA Region 10 , President
  108. Sarah Moore, CEM
    IAEM-USA Awards & Recognition Committee, Vice Chair
  109. Lucy Morgan
    MyFedTrainer, LLC, Director
  110. Dennis Mott, CPP, CISSP, GISP, PSP
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Protective Security Advisor
  111. Mikkijo Munson
    Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection Program Manager
  112. Lee Newsome, CEM, MEP, FPEM
    EMI Instructor
  113. Jackie Nguyen
    IAEM-USA Access & Inclusion Caucus, Vice Chair
  114. Jackie Nicholl, CEM, MEP
    IAEM-USA Awards & Recognition Committee , Chair
  115. Dave Nichols
    Mississippi Office of Homeland Security; MyPI National, Mississippi Citizen Corps Program Manager; MyPI National Lead CERT Instructor
  116. Michael O'Shea
    FAA, Program Manager, Safety and Integration Division
  117. Phil Osburn
    Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), Training Instructor
  118. Michael Owens, DO, MPH, CEM
    US Navy
  119. Russell Pridgen
    Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), Adjunct Instructor
  120. Justin Pullin
    NWS Tallhassee, Meteorologist
  121. Alexis Quintela
    Fannie Mae, Emergency Preparedness Specialist
  122. Peter Raber
    City of Chicago, Senior Emergency Management Coordinator
  123. Stacey Renker
    IAEM-USA Universities & Colleges Caucus , Chair
  124. Christopher Riccardi
    CHOC Children's Hospital, Manager
  125. Justin Riley, CEM
    IAEM-USA Public-Private Partnership Caucus , Vice Chair
  126. John Rinard
    Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), Training Coordinator
  127. Scott Roberts
    IAEM-Canada Council, Vice President
  128. Dan Robeson, Jr., CEM
    IAEM-USA Region 7 , President
  129. Jeff Robinson, CEM
    IAEM-USA Training & Education Committee, Vice Chair
  130. Jillian Rodrigue
    EMI Instructor
  131. Jorge Rodriguez, MPA
    El Paso City-County Office of Emergency Management, Assistant Fire Chief/Emergency Management Director
  132. Beth Roome, MS
    Switchback Institute, Founder
  133. Herman Schaffer, MSW
    New York City Emergency Management, Assistant Commissioner/Director of Community Engagement Division
  134. Mark Scott, MA
    DC Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency, Critical Infrastructure Specialist
  135. Susamma Seeley
    Global Student Council, Vice President
  136. Dan Seidman
    Read Emotions!, Managing Director
  137. Richard Serino
    Harvard Kennedy School of Government, NPLI Distinguished Fellow
  138. Jerica Shackelford
    DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, Deputy Chief of Staff
  139. Mark Shepard, MA
    U.S. Coast Guard, Commander, National Strike Force Coordination Center
  140. Simran (Chanpreet) Singh, MS
    IAEM-Global Student Council, President
  141. Kevin Sligh, CEM, MBA
    U.S. Coast Guard, Senior Oil Spill Technical Advisor
  142. Joby Smith
    Bay County EMA, Director
  143. Teri Smith, CEM, CPM
    IAEM-USA First Vice President
  144. Raquelle Solon
    FEI Behavioral Health, Business Solutions Engineer
  145. Eric Sorchik, MA, MEP
    EMI Instructor
  146. Chayne Sparagowski
    Emergency Manager, Emergency Management Specialist and Chair of IAEM-USA Emerging Technology Caucus
  147. Leiloni Stainsby, M.Sc.
    FEMA, Division Director
  148. Ellis Stanley
    IAEM-Global, Chair
  149. Grelia Steele
    Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management, Community Outreach Manager
  150. Jeff Stern, Ph.D., CEM
    Commonwwealth of Virginia, State Coordinator
  151. Terry Stone
    Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, RN, MS, Emergency Management Specialist
  152. Andrew Stowers, MBA
    TEEX, Instructor
  153. Peter Sturner, MPA
    IAEM-USA Access & Inclusion Caucus, Chair
  154. Jeannette Sutton, Ph.D.
    University of Kentucky, Associate Professor and Director of the Risk and Disaster Communication Center
  155. Ron Swartz
    University of Alaska, Emergency Manager
  156. Christopher Tarantino, MEP CMCP
    Epicenter Media & Training, Chief Executive Officer and EMI Instructor
  157. Kristin Torres, CEM
    IAEM-USA Public-Private Partnership Caucus , Chair
  158. Tab Troxler
    NDPTC Instructor
  159. Louis Uccellini, Ph.D.
    National Weather Service, Director
  160. David Vihonski, CEM
    IAEM-USA Uniformed Services Caucus, Chair
  161. Wendy Walsh, MPA
    FEMA/NTED/NTES, Higher Education Program Manager
  162. James Waskom, JD, MA
    Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP), Director
  163. Jay Wiggins
    Glynn County Emergency Management/Homeland Security Agency, Director
  164. Stacy Willett, Ed.D.
    The University of Akron, Professor of Emergency Management
  165. Chauncia Willis, CEM, MEP
    City of Tampa Florida, Emergency Management Director
  166. Michael Willis
    State of Colorado, Director
  167. Alexander Yesnik, CEM, JD, MA
    Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Branch Chief, Homeland Security & Interagency Program
  168. Nora Yotsov, MS, CEM
    Port of Portland, Senior Manager, Emergency Management and Comm Center