Beth Roome, MS

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Beth has 27 years experience in strategic planning, leadership development and workforce resilience spanning government, private and faith-based communities. She spent 13 years in the Colorado Departments of Human Services, Public Health and Environment, and Public Safety (CDPS) working in disaster response. She served as Department Manager for Organizational Development, State Training Officer, Public Information Officer and Behavioral Health Specialist.

Beth created the CDPS Leadership Strategies Institute and was the state EOCs Situation Unit Leader during the 2013 floods. She co-led the development of a statewide systems for standardized behavioral health response during disasters; she served as the states ESF-8a lead for incidents, and PIO in the Denver City/County JIC during the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Beth's resilience material has been delivered in various formats to over 100 agencies and conferences nationally and internationally. She has recently founded Switchback Institute: Leadership Strategies for Optimal Performance and Enhanced Resilience. She has a masters degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership.