C. Ryan Akers, Ph.D

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Dr. C. Ryan Akers is an Associate Extension Professor of Community Preparedness and Disaster Management with Mississippi State University where he focuses on statewide and national community preparedness, resilience, and disaster management initiatives, enabling citizens to make informed decisions about their well-being. Dr. Akers is Project Director for MyPI National, a national youth preparedness/youth leadership hybrid program. In September, 2014, MyPI was awarded FEMA’s national award for Outstanding Achievement in Youth Preparedness. In 2015, MyPI was named one of the nation’s first Affirmers of the National Strategy on Youth Preparedness Education. In 2017, MyPI National again won FEMA’s award for Outstanding Achievement in Youth Preparedness, and in 2018, it won the National CERT award for Preparing the Whole Community, the program’s third national award in four years. Dr. Akers holds a Ph.D from the University of Georgia, has over 120 national/regional conference presentations related to emergency management, youth preparedness, and crisis response, and is currently completing FEMA EMI’s National Emergency Management Executive Academy.