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Experience41 Years of Fire Service Experience45 Years of EMS Experience33 Years of Fire Service Management/Leadership Experience41 Years of Instructional/Curriculum Development ExperienceFire Commissioner and President, Upper Pine Fire Protection District Board of DirectorsManage the operations and business functions of the Upper Pine Fire Protection District Elected Public Official, 2005 to presentBayfield, ColoradoSenior Systems Analyst, Tridata/System Planning Corporation Analysis, planning, evaluation of emergency service systems 2010-2011 Projects: Orange County, FL, Fairbanks AK, Palo Alto, CAConsultant, The Far View Group, LLCBayfield Colorado, 1995 to present2011-2012SaguacheCountyEMSAuthorityProjectProvide management and leadership, quality management consulting to emergency service organizations. Provide curriculum development, instructional services, and facilitation services to emergency management, fire service, emergency service, and health care organizations. Teach ICS 100-400, NIMS 700, Hospital Incident Command.Texas Engineering Extension ServiceAdjunct Instructor WMD and Public Works, Incident Command Programs, Hospital Preparedness College Station, TX 2003 to presentActing Branch Chief, Executive ProgramsNational FireAcademy, U.S. FireAdministration Emmitsburg, MD1999-2003Manages Executive educational programs at the National Fire Academy. Serves as the supervisor for professional staff responsible for the development and delivery of the Executive Fire Officer, Incident Management, Executive Planning, Management Science, Emergency Medical Services, Health and Safety and Fire Prevention program areas. Acts as a member of the NFA Senior staff, responsible for directing the overall mission of the Academy.Emergency Medical Services Program ChairmanNational FireAcademy, U.S. FireAdministration Emmitsburg, MD1992-2003Manages National Fire Academy (NFA) EMS Management, Firefighter Health and Safety Curriculum, and Executive Fire Officer curriculum as it relates to the Nation's Fire Service. Serves as the NFA content expert for curriculum development, course delivery and as a National resource for information for the above named management areas. Is responsible for determining futureneedsfor FireServiceNational management curriculumbyusingconsensus@building techniques with fire service constituents. Represents the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) on training issues for EMS to Federal, State and local groups, to include: public speakingrequests, mediation of local disputes, publishing, and serving at special request on boards and panels of regulatory and standards making groups.Federal Coordinating Officer (FCO), Operations Chief - Emergency Support TeamFederal Emergency Management Agency, Washington, D.C. 1994 - 2003Senior federal official responsible for coordinating federal emergency response efforts in support of man-made and natural disasters. Chief of Operations for the Emergency Support Team, the prime management element for the Federal Response Plan encompassing 26 Federal Agencies including urban search and rescue, federal medical response, firefighting and hazardous materials missions in response to federal disasters. 1995-2003TeamLeaderfor Counter-terrorismNational FireAcademy, U.S. FireAdministration Emmitsburg, MD1997-1998Directed efforts for the National Fire Academy in all subjects concerning counter-terrorism including training, response policy, strategy and tactics. Coordinated with Congress, FBI, Dept. of Justice, ATF, National Security Agency and the White House on counter-terrorism issues for the fire service.Director, Pre-Hospital EducationandTrainingCreighton University Medical School - Omaha, NE 1987-1992Managed overall operations of Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support Training and Education Program. Management of personnel, finances, training programs and contracts with outside clients. Guided staff through strategic planning processes that resulted in mission statements and goalsProposed and developed a Bachelors Degree in EMS to be offered through the Paramedic course (instituted 6/93). Served on local and State Boards for regulatory and standards making processes. Consulted State EMS executives and Legislators on EMS related issues. Held a Creighton University Faculty status during this time and provided primary Paramedic Instruction 20 hours/week. Supported outside instructional contracts with Omaha Fire Division and Millard Fire Protection District. Senior manager of emergency response elements for City of Omaha for disaster response activities.Owner Lincoln Scuba (Big Mac Scuba) High Angle Rescue Products Lincoln and Lake McConaughy, NE 1985-1991Owner and Manager of retail facility for watersports and high angle (Rope Rescue) products and training. Supplied public safety, industrial and public needs for SCUBA, water rescue, high angle rescue equipment and training. Consulted public safety agencies on water rescue and high angle rescue team concepts and team formation. Contracted with public and private entities to provide professional diving services.Chief - Operations , Dive Rescue Team LeaderKeystone-LemoyneFireDepartment, LakeMcConaughy, NE1985-1989Established Dive Rescue Team, High Angle Rescue Team to include: training the Team as Certified SCUBA divers, High Angle Rope Rescue Techniques and use of inflatable rescue watercraft. Chief of Operation andSuppression.Firefighter, Paramedic, Driver/operator, Company Officer, Battalion Chief Poudre Fire Authority, Ft Collins, CO 1979-1985Performed duties of Firefighter III (National Certification) and Paramedic, Certified by Department as Driver./operator for all vehicles including: Pumper, Aerial, Snorkel, Light Heavy Squads,Command Vehicles and Hazardous Materials Response Vehicles. Initiated first Hazardous Material training and response capabilities for Department (1981). Department Dive Team member (County Dive Rescue Team). Primary EMS training and record keeping duties. Trained for Commercial fire inspection duties and served as a shift fire inspector. Served as Company Officer that was responsible for fire company EMS and Fire suppression activities. Intermittent duty as Battalion Chief (shift commander). Liaison between Fire Department and ALS Hospital EMS.Chief ParamedicPoudre Valley Hospital, Ft Collins Colorado 1976-1984ALS Paramedic staff duties for Hospital based ambulance service. Duties included supervisory, Paramedical, emergency department staffing and interagency liaison. Special skills required due to 2200 mile response area with 2 person crews, for extrication, high angle rescue and advanced written treatment protocols. Proposed use of an emergency response committee to review on scene disputes between EMS, Fire and Police, using consensus@building techniques.ParamedicDenver General Hospital, ParamedicDivision, Denver, CO1987ALS Staff Paramedic for City and County of Denver. Duties included supervisory, Paramedical, emergency department staffing. Relief Field Supervisor and group leader.MedicU.S. Army, Medical Corp U.S., Europe1974-1976Medical Corpsman,Combat Medic 91B20. Trained as field medic, hospital emergency technician, aeromedical medic and aid station supervisor. Served in U.S, and Europe.Emergency Medical TechnicianReedAmbulanceCo. - Denver, Co1972-1974EMT ambulance driver/technician, supervisor. Duties included operation of ambulance, staffing 2@ person crew, shift supervisor.Emergency Medical TechnicianPlatteValleyAmbulanceCorpse Brighton, CO1971-73EMT for volunteer ambulance corps. Duties included staffing of ambulances for community response