Jennifer Kline

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Jennifer Kline is a Coastal Hazards Specialist for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Coastal Resources Division where she has worked for the last 13 years. She is a Specialist for the Georgia Coastal Management Program, representing 11 coastal counties. Ms. Kline works closely with local governments in relaying information from federal and state agencies regarding coastal hazards planning and climate change impacts. She is leading the state and Coastal Georgia in Disaster Recovery and Redevelopment Planning, making Georgia the first state to have a completely resilient coast based on FEMAs National Disaster Recovery Framework by the year 2020. Before joining the Coastal Resources Division, Ms. Kline worked for the Departments Environmental Protection Division as an Industrial Compliance Specialist from 2001 to 2005. With a combined total of over 18 years with the Department, Ms. Kline has made it a priority to foster the mission and goals of DNR as well as ensure that the Public Trust is a consistent priority. Ms. Kline graduated from Valdosta State University with degrees in Environmental Geography and Geology.