Kevin Deitsch

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I am the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the National Weather Service (NWS) office in St. Louis, MO. While this is a fancy title, my main job is to be the main liaison between the NWS and our local partners, including those involved with emergency management. I first started my career as an intern for both the NWS and for a local TV station in Cincinnati, Ohio. During these internships, I realized my passion was in public service and protecting life and property, thus I chose a career in the NWS. I began my first full-time NWS job in Des Moines, Iowa, then moved to Louisville, KY. I came to St. Louis as a forecaster in 2016, then got promoted in 2018 to a Warning Coordination Meteorologist. I view my job as building partnerships with decision-makers in the community, especially EMs. It is through these partnerships that lives can be saved when it comes to weather hazards!