Kim Guevara, MA

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Kim has more than 20 years’ experience in emergency management, homeland security, and development. She specializes in building and enhancing comprehensive emergency and crisis management programs and stakeholder engagement. She has provided services to all levels of government, the U.S. military, and the private and non-profit sectors. Her award-winning and diverse work includes several novel and pioneering projects, such as the DARPA Grand Challenge, the Cities Readiness Initiative (anthrax), and shadow operations. She is also an adjunct instructor and curriculum developer for CSTI. Recent work includes organizational development and the application of neuroleadership and neuroscientific research for crisis leaders. She also has significant international experience in telemedicine and humanitarian development and has led and supported initiatives and efforts in Southwest Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. She holds a BS in Political Science and Psychology from the U. of Oregon, a MA in International Relations from the U. of San Diego, and a post-graduate certificate in Project Management from The George Washington University.