Krista Flannigan, J.D.

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Krista Flannigan, J.D., is an attorney, educator, and advocate experienced in emergency response and management, media relations, community collaboration, and program development. She has responded to numerous incidents of mass violence, including the Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine High School shooting, September 11, the Aurora theater shooting, the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, the concert shooting in Las Vegas and the high school shooting in Parkland, FL. She has trained nationally on coordinated community response for victims of mass tragedy and high profile trials, as well as on the impact of mass tragedy on victims and communities. She has developed a victim assistance response to biological and chemical terrorist attacks and developed OVCs Mass Violence Toolkit. Ms. Flannigan is currently the director of the Institute for Crime Victim Research and Policy at the Florida State University (FSU) College of Criminology.