Sarah Kirby, Ph.D

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Dr. Sarah Kirby is a Professor, Assistant Director of NC State Extension and FCS Program Leader at NC State University. She has extensive experience with Cooperative Extension having served 10 years with Oklahoma Cooperative Extension and 24 years with NC State Extension. At NC State University, Dr. Kirby leads 11 tenure track FCS Specialists and approximately 65 FCS County Extension Agents. Dr. Kirby actively supports disaster outreach for NC State Extension, serving as NC delegate for the Extension Disaster Education Network, creating curriculum/educational materials, and sharing preparedness and recovery messages during disasters. She is the Program Manager for MyPI North Carolina and State Coordinator for the Healthy Homes Partnership which focuses on improving health and safety in homes by reducing environmental and structural housing hazards. Dr. Kirby has received significant awards for her work, including the Housing Impact Award from the Housing Education and Research Association, the Outstanding Extension Service Award for the College of Ag and Life Sciences, and induction into the Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension at NCSU.