Leveraging Universities and Local Employers to Engage Students

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Aug 4th at 12:45 PM until 1:30 PM


Research To Practice 


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An opportunity exists for Universities to partner with employers to help support strategic student career choices and uncover employment laddering options to lay the foundation for students to up-skill in select occupational career categories. Studies indicate that students often lack the skills, knowledge or opportunities to strategically align career goals with educational aspirations and relevant job pathing. In prior work the researchers conducted a literature review and solicited limited qualitative feedback and experience from educators within the University system. This expanded research triangulates information through the use of surveys utilizing academic directors, campus leaders, and community partners. The goal is to uncover opportunities, options and perceptions of the potential value of linking students to relevant local career options within their community. Many people opt to attend college with the idea that college will lead him or her to a future career. Not all students are focused on what that future career may be, while others are focused; however, are unable to break through their chosen career field or obtain a job after graduation. As stated in University Wire, 2014, “for some students it’s tough to find jobs after graduation” (para 1). Professors and University administrators alike realize that the path to employment can be uncertain and are struggling with the challenge on how to increase student’s connections to employers, either during or after graduation. The researchers will triangulate information by conducting qualitative research to address these concerns using an open ended survey to multiple audiences (including business and academic leaders at both the University and the business community. These results will be shared and provide the foundation for discussion at the conference session. The researchers will address the following questions: How can Universities adapt to the changing workforce needs to support students in career readiness and career choices? What role could a University play in connecting students to career options and market employers? What role could a University faculty member play in connecting students to career options and local market employers? How could a University support local employers? How can market employers leverage partnerships with Universities? What tools or techniques can Universities employ to help support student career advancement? VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]