2020 Online Education Trends: Student and Administrator Insights

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Aug 5th at 4:45 PM until 5:30 PM


Online Education Administration 


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The BestColleges 6th annual Online Education Trends report provides insights gained through feedback from students and school administrators. This year is our 4th year of original data, including participation from 398 administrators and 1,500 students (prospective, current, and online program alumni). Findings are presented in five categories: learner demographics, online learning experience, marketing and recruitment, program design and development, and student satisfaction. Key findings include: -Students Enroll with Career Goals in Mind. 77% of online students enroll in their programs to reach career and employment goals. Online Students are Getting Older … and Younger. 47% of school administrators report trends in student demographics related to age – 25% see students trending older, 20% see them trending younger. -Students Don’t Choose a Program Based on Reputation Alone. School reputation ranked low again this year in the reasons students choose online learning over on-campus learning, well behind a need for flexible scheduling, having limited options in their major, and employer incentives. -It May be Time to Reassess Outreach Efforts. The two primary sources of information for prospective online students are contacting schools directly (19%) and rankings websites (19%). Only 3% cited social media posts. -Schools are Thinking Beyond the “Big 3” Majors. Projected areas of demand beyond business, healthcare, and computer science include counseling, social work, and general education. -Common Roadblocks to Graduation Often Impact Each Other. Finances, unexpected life events, and staying on track are online students’ biggest challenges to reaching graduation. -Student Satisfaction with Online Education is High. Overall, 94% of students say it has, or will have, a positive ROI and 95% would recommend online education to others. Session Learning Objectives: 1-Review feedback received from online students and program administrators through a recent survey research project focused on trends in online education. 2-Identify specific strategies for improving current online program administration and making decisions about new online program offerings. 3-Identify current trends in student demographics, enrollment motivation, learning environment expectations, and challenges faced by online college students. 4-Discuss how the trends identified in this report align, or don’t align, with those experienced by attendees at their institutions. VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]