Oh, the Places You'll go! Design Online Learning for Global Audiences

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Aug 6th at 12:45 PM until 1:30 PM




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As the promise of providing affordable and accessible education via global online courses continues to spur institutions to expand their offerings (Xu & Xu, 2019), the need for addressing cultural differences and developing inclusive learning experiences becomes increasingly apparent. With enrollment of international students declining in the U.S. (iie.org, 2019) and the majority of online learners still residing within a 100-mile radius of U.S. institutions (Inside Higher Ed, 2019), we can expect an acceleration of these efforts to tap into additional revenue streams. Already, several large U.S. universities are partnering with companies founded as MOOC providers to engage with diverse global audiences (EdSurge, 2019). Arizona State University (ASU) is among those institutions. Beginning in 2015, building on its longstanding commitment to international development, ASU entered into a partnership with edX (ASU Now, 2015). Since then, ASU’s global initiatives have grown to include undergraduate and graduate degree programs with over 30 credit-bearing courses on multiple platforms as well as partnerships with humanitarian and philanthropic organizations. Designing online learning experiences for global audiences is not, however, a straightforward task. In this interactive session, two of ASU’s instructional design team members who have been at the forefront of these efforts will share key lessons they have learned about how to successfully collaborate with ASU faculty to develop, implement, facilitate, and evaluate effective, engaging, and scalable learning experiences for students located around the world. The presenters will address topics ranging from basic, such as including cultural considerations when using backward design (Wiggins & McTighe, 1998), through complex, such as making course content comprehensible and meaningful for all. The presenters will discuss concrete examples and provide specific guidelines and recommended resources for meeting the challenges of developing non-U.S.-centric learning experiences, as well as lead small-group activities that provide opportunities to practice developing cross-cultural awareness and identifying effective solutions to meet the myriad challenges that come with designing online learning experiences for global audiences. Attendees receive an infographic that summaries strategies that can be implemented immediately. But the first takeaway begins with the session’s title, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]