Utilizing Varied Workshop Formats to Develop Effective Online Faculty

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Aug 6th at 12:45 PM until 1:30 PM


Faculty Development 


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BACKGROUND - Two trends in higher education include: (1) moving courses/programs online; and (2) supplementing the full-time teaching faculty with adjunct instructors (including remotely located adjunct instructors). Further, adjunct faculty are often unable to attend on-campus training sessions due to residing outside of the commuting distance to the institution and/or tight “day job” work schedules. Accordingly, while providing webinar-based training to adjunct instructors is an important first step towards enhancing and optimizing the effectiveness of adjunct instructors, certain types of faculty training (including online course development and other more expansive training topics) merit the use of longer faculty training sessions and other motivating incentives (like closer director reviews, stipends, and gaming elements). MIX-AND-MATCH WORKSHOP ELEMENTS - As an alternative to the widely used consultative or one-to-one approach to the development of online courses (including one instructional designer working with one or a few faculty members at a time), Tulane’s School of Professional Advancement leverages a blended (asynchronous plus real-time webinars) online course-like workshop approach to provide a larger group of faculty with the know-how and support to develop high quality interactive online courses. The adjunct and full-time faculty enrolled in long-format online course development and online teaching essentials workshops are able to delve deeper into training topics, utilize a self-paced approach, engage with other faculty in their cohort, and practice using relevant training concepts within their course development and [eventual] semester teaching. Further, the establishment of collegial networks within the longer workshops can help counter the isolation experienced by remote faculty when developing and teaching online. Adding gaming element incentives, stipends, and pre-workshop preparation activities can motivate higher faculty completion rates within the longer 12-week online course development workshop and 4-week teaching essentials workshop (to create a course and prepare for the deployment of the course created). TAKE-AWAYS - After reviewing the materials and faculty training examples presented, session attendees will take away: proven examples of how to organize and deliver faculty training; how to utilize gaming elements to increase faculty participation; and strategies to increase training participant engagement. VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]