Research at a Distance: Oversight of Virtual Student Research

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Aug 4th at 4:45 PM until 5:30 PM


Online Education Administration 


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Student led research can present challenges in any academic organization. Often novices to research methodologies, students require mentorship and guidance when designing studies that are of high quality, contribute to knowledge and respect human subject protections. Studies that do not have effective oversight can be a waste of time and resources at the least, and potentially harm human participants and ignore research ethics in the worst-case scenario. As a novice researcher, a student may not proactively identify weaknesses and harms in their study. Effective mentorship and guidance from faculty is needed. The challenges to delivering such oversight can increase in the virtual academic institution. This is due to the remote nature of the relationship and interaction between the student and faculty, which can present unique challenges to student led research. This session will involve the attendees in investigating student led research in the virtual organization and identify the challenges that are present. The discussion will evolve around a case study based on real world scenarios and the experiences of attendees. Finally, prospective and practical solutions will be discussed. Attendees can afterwards use the discussion in reviewing and developing their own policies on student led research. VIEW THIS SESSION [Blackboard Collaborate Ultra]