Waking the Sleeping Giants: Community Colleges in the 21st Century

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Aug 6th at 4:45 PM until 5:30 PM


Online Education Administration 


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Is your institution a 2 year college seeking to expand and improve its offerings and support for students through distance education? Whether you're working with the guided pathways model, seeking to improve culturally relevant teaching and learning practices, or simply working to modernize instruction at your institution, this session will provide you with an opportunity to learn about the experiences of your peers in both administration and instruction as we all seek to make our community and junior colleges more effective at meeting the needs of the diverse learners we work with. This session will invite you to discuss challenges and ideate solutions around topics like sustainable processes for improving instructional quality, supporting the development of more engaging courses, and developing policies that support approaches like guided pathways in our distance education programs. Session facilitator Moses Wolfenstein is the Faculty Distance Education Coordinator at El Camino College in the California Community College system, where the California Virtual Campus-Online Education Initiative is driving greater connection and pushing innovation across the 114 campus system. He will provide examples from his own experiences over his first year in this role to help drive discussion and advance a conversation around how we can work in the 2 year setting to provide the best possible distance learning experiences for our students. VIEW THIS SESSION [Blackboard Collaborate Ultra]