A model of engaged online learning: Balancing tech, pedagogy, and learner characteristics

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Aug 6th at 4:45 PM until 5:30 PM


Research To Practice 


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As robust learning technologies have become more entwined within educational programs it is important to look at the way they affect the human elements of learning. These platforms were developed and sold with the promise of increasing student involvement, supporting teaching pedagogies, and enabling more distance learning programs. While instructors and administrators have embraced various platforms that they feel will serve them best, there is need of a good theoretical framework to compare them. In this session we will discuss a Model of Engaged Online Learning to explain the balance between human and technical elements of the situation of learning. This model interactions among three points: Technological Design, Pedagogical Approach, and Learner Characteristics. In this model we explore the concept that any change to one factor will affect and be affected by the other factors. Too often we work under the assumption that if we just select the right technology it will make learning easy. Or that if we develop a complete and robust pedagogical approach our students will respond. We often forget about our learner characteristics and don't take into account that they may subvert the technology we choose or the pedagogical approaches we designate if they don't believe that they are getting enough out of the course. By recognizing the Model of Engaged Online Learning we are better prepared to take a holistic approach to course design and find the balance necessary to create an effective situation of learning. VIEW THIS SESSION [Blackboard Collaborate Ultra]