Required student-to-student interactions: To have or not to have?

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Aug 4th at 2:45 PM until 3:30 PM


Learner Engagement 


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How often have you wondered if requiring student-to-student interactions in the online courses you teach or manage is useful to the students? While exploring factors influencing student satisfaction on the part of online students and alumni of online programs, the co-presenters of this session found "mixed" results in the literature on student views of required student-to-student interactions in online courses. Consequently, they conducted a qualitative-interview based study with students enrolled in online degree programs at several institutions to ask them their perceptions of required student-to-student interactions in online courses. A number of students expressed frustration with the way such requirements are structured that led to comments such as "waste of time" or "rote" checking a box that don't enhance the student experience. In this session, we will share insights from the data on pros and cons of required student-to-student interactions in online courses. The session will also help participants assess in what situations such a requirement makes sense and situations when requiring students to interact might detract from the pedagogical experience. At the same time, ways to incorporate effective student-to-student interactions will be described. How to garner administrative support for reshaping one's course, as necessary, in terms of student-to-student interactions will also be discussed. Opportunity for questions and related sharing on the part of participants in the session will also be provided. VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]