Exploring the Design of Pedagogical Agents Emotional Cues

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Aug 6th at 12:45 PM until 1:30 PM


Research To Practice 


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This session will be an interactive presentation that involves interactions between attendees with presenters as well as pedagogical agents. Presenters will start this session with a brief introduction to the background of the topic. As online learning develops, several theories such as community of inquiry, social agency theory, and emotional response theory indicate that the social and emotional aspects in online learning may significantly influence learners’ cognitive activities and eventually the quality of learning. Therefore, this poses a challenge to researchers and instructional designers how to meet this need. Second, presenters will then employ a pedagogical agent on the computer to step in and lead a short tutorial module on the theoretical foundation of the social and emotional aspects of learning to on the one hand deliver these information, and on the other hand to show the audience what is a pedagogical agent and how it might be used. Third, presenters will come back to discuss a review of related studies to focus this session to the specific research questions when implementing pedagogical agents. Next, presenters will further describe their practice of employing pedagogical agents with different kinds of emotional cues. Empirical data from the practice will be presented to determine how to maximize the benefits of pedagogical agents in promoting active learning. At last, an interactive pedagogical agent tool/module will be introduced, with which attendees could interact. VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]