How to be 2 places at once: Field Education Meets Distance Education

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Aug 6th at 1:45 PM until 2:30 PM




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This session will introduce the Communities of Learning and Formation model for field education utilized by Bexley Seabury Seminary. It would cover the reason our program developed, how it has been implemented, and the outcomes we have seen over the last 4 years. We will also present challenges that we have faced in implementing the various phases of the program and how we have addressed those challenges. This would include the challenges of finding and establishing relationships with potential sites and supervisors, the importance of a strong cohort group, and the difficulties associated with completion of paperwork and accountability on the part of the site supervisor. We will also invite participants to consider how this model of field education might be implemented for other disciplines so that supervised practical education can be a part of comprehensive distance education. VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]