Designing from the Heart! Learner Empathy and the User Experience

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Aug 5th at 4:45 PM until 5:30 PM




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Creating a training is not just about conveying information to's about HOW the information is conveyed and the ways you cultivate a sense of meaning and impact. Often, the user experience gets pushed aside to ensure all of the critical content makes it onto each and every screen. But have you really considered how the presentation of information is affecting the learner's reception and recollection of the content? Understanding and acknowledging learner empathy and its integration into your user experience can make the difference between a "boring" training and a memorable one. In this session, we will show you techniques for how to determine the best user experience for any training you're working on, and we will help you build out robust learner persona guides that can be utilized to ensure your next user experience is designed not just from the head, but from the heart! VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]