Engage students in active learning with predictable design and Rise360

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Aug 4th at 2:45 PM until 3:30 PM




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Active engagement with course content requires student participation and has been proven to boost learning. Let us show you how to create beautiful, mobile-friendly, responsive and engaging content using Rise 360, a web-based tool that facilitates the incorporation of Learning Science elements without a need for web development expertise. We will demonstrate how to export that content as a SCORM package that can be easily embedded into a Learning Management System. Specifically, participants will use their own devices to individually interact with our Materials Science Glass Studio Safety Training that lives in Canvas and provides a responsive, on-the-go experience. You’ll see how straightforward it is to add stackable, flexible blocks of content, media, and interactive elements, and how effortless it is to build with predictable design, which has been shown to help focus student attention on content, allowing for more effortless learning. We’ll demonstrate that this responsive content can be accessed via a computer or mobile device for learning or for later reference. This tool makes it easy for instructors to incorporate research-based, learning science elements into their content, such as retrieval practice, spaced practice, and feedback. Provide your students with low or no stakes learning opportunities to help them recognize and better understand their learning progress and to move forward with confidence. VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]