Phone Apps that Create Engagement, Accountability, Behavioral Change

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Aug 7th at 1:10 PM until 1:30 PM


Learner Engagement 
DT&L Talk 


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This is a 20 minute session. This session will take place from 1:10 - 1:30 pm.

The presentation, "Phone Apps That Create Engagement, Accountability, and Behavioral Change", will share with the audience how phone/tablet apps are being used in course designs to increase student involvement, and help the instructors assess true attendance/assignment completion with the use of a GPS app, step tracker, HR monitor, and self-assessment activity reflection. Higher Education Programs, that align with the Health Science fields, are constantly addressing behavioral change concepts and attempting to find ways to help Americans engage in more daily activity that is fun and sustainable. This course design engages students with solid course outcomes but also has been found to be a behavioral change tool for many of them as it has increased their weekly/daily activity output that is now sustainable and beneficial to their overall health and wellness. The tools and apps in this course are not being used in hybrid campus courses that have found the same positive outcomes both in and educational outcomes and the personal health outcomes. Adding movement to normally stationary courses has been found to increase retention of content and also increase the understanding of the content when linked with an activity that aligns with the course content. The outcomes of the course design are from student course evaluation and subjective feedback on success stories from individual students that have results of decrease anxiety, improved attention and focus on tasks, and improved sleep. the presentation will share the course design, apps used in the course, tweaks made to improve the course after one semester of use, and how some of the course content has been mixed into other courses [both online and hybrid] with positive outcomes for students and their college experience. VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]