Equity-Centered Digital Learning Strategies for Open Education

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Aug 4th at 3:45 PM until 4:30 PM




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This session focuses on key technology issues campuses need to keep in mind when growing OER programs.

That’s because past research shows that students from underrepresented and vulnerable populations are often at risk when digital techniques (including open education) are assumed to be good for the classroom (e.g., Hansen & Reich, 2015; Protopsaltis & Baum, 2019; Willems & Bossu, 2012). Assumptions about which students will succeed when technology is involved significantly impacts learning outcomes.

Cultural practice, identity, and economics also shape the way students, faculty, and staff interact with and experience open education technology. This session introduces participants to these and other digital equity considerations that emerged as part of Bunker Hill Community College’s OER campus project.

Participants are next invited to explore and practice with the technology-mapping tools that were designed at Bunker Hill to cultivate an asset-based approach to digital OER platforms and content. Participants leave the session with instruments designed for student self-assessment, for use in the classroom, across curricular programs, for library programming, IT departments, and for use in campus strategic planning for OER growth. VIEW THE SESSION [Mediasite player]