Hope, Hip, or Hype? Discovering the HyFlex Course Model

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Aug 6th at 11:00 AM until 12:30 PM




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Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) courses provide an effective method to combine traditional, classroom-based students and online students in the same course at the same time, with the same instructor. HyFlex courses provide students with the choice of attending class meetings in-person in the classroom or online on a regular basis, allowing a high level of participation flexibility that students find extremely valuable. HyFlex courses provide a rich learning environment that improves and enhances the class experience for all students, whether online or in the classroom. The HyFlex course design has been used in hundreds of institutions around the world for more than a decade and has been shown to support student success comparable to traditional single-mode instruction..

HyFlex design typically starts with an effective classroom-based course plan, and builds a fully online path with the same learning outcomes and using much of the same content, assessment and engagement strategies, adapting and supplemented for online students. When working online, faculty and students experience the need to change their work patterns compared to a classroom-only course.

With the expected limitations on classroom, in-person instruction in most institutions for the next AY (perhaps even longer), HyFlex courses can support limited seat capacity to meet physical distancing requirements without reducing class enrollment. Students who cannot or do not want to attend in person are able to participate fully online. Students who prefer to learning in-person can attend in the classroom. Though some restrictions on in-class participation may be necessary, students should still have some flexibility and control over how they participate as they learn.

When implemented on a broad scale, HyFlex courses also provide institutions and programs with an effective solution for instructional continuity if the on-campus program is disrupted for any reason. In Spring 2020, faculty and students in HyFlex courses were able to shift to completely online and use the already-built fully online version of the course. This instructional continuity aspect can support all levels of disruptions, such as, the need for faculty travel away from campus, localized short-term emergency conditions (e.g., building closure), larger regional natural disasters (e.g., fire, hurricane, earthquake), and large scale crises such as a pandemic. VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]