The Scholarship of Distance Education: Then and Now

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Aug 6th at 3:45 PM until 4:30 PM




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Distance education in its now-dominant form of online teaching and learning is the focus of research and publication in numerous online journals, webinars, blogs and of course, conferences. Is the research of any practical use? Have we in fact discovered anything new -- about learning, about teaching, about how to manage our resources? Have we asked the right questions, and if not, what should we be asking? Is meaningful research just too difficult?

In this session, sponsored by The American Journal of Distance Education, these questions, - and others posed by the audience - will be directed to a (small) panel of researcher-authors, chaired by the Journal’s Editor, Michael G Moore.

A founder of the Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning as well as AJDE, Dr. Moore will kick off the session with a brief account of the beginnings and growth of the scholarship of distance education. VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]