Online Learning and the Next Few Years in Higher Education: Follow the Money

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Aug 6th at 3:45 PM until 4:30 PM




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Higher education is undergoing change, which can be very challenging for traditionalists. The value proposition for pursuing college and university degrees is being actively questioned by the public, in the marketplace, and by legislative bodies. Companies and organizations are building and offering alternative models for personal and professional education and training. The response from universities to this state of affairs varies widely, from active and entrepreneurial strategies, to mild indifference and status quo.

When in doubt, follow the money. That is, financial considerations are driving some university strategies. Some of these university financial gambits include income share agreements, contracts with online program management companies, apprentice-like tuition and employment guarantees, steep tuition discounting, analytics for enrollment management, hyper-aggressive recruiting and marketing, badges and micro-credentials, fixed-price degrees, and expansion of continuing education (the “60-year curriculum”).

In this session I will describe the state of these university practices, and how online learning fits into the near-term future (both financially and practically) for the modern college or university. VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]