Improving Student Motivation through Engagement "Nudges"

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Aug 7th at 1:45 PM until 2:30 PM




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The session will focus on how student motivation can be enhanced through course design that includes the use of cognitive biases (specifically loss aversion and the endowment effect) to the students’ advantage. We know from the emerging science related to behavioral economics that our brains are hardwired with certain biases and we have used these biases to design course elements or “nudges” to encourage student engagement with course material, each other, and the instructor to enhance the learning experience. This is especially important in online classes where students can often procrastinate and/or feel isolated or disconnected from the learning experience. We will discuss how and why we use this behavioral economic science to help encourage our students to transition from a pedagogical (more extrinsic, content/teacher centered) to an andragogical (more intrinsic, learner-centered) paradigm. We will provide examples of how we design these activities – specifically “participation” and “extra credit opportunities”, provide recipes for designing these activities, and give you an opportunity to map out a couple of activities during this session. We will also share with you the student and instructor benefits we have seen since implementing these evidence-based practices into all our courses – blended, flipped class-room and online. VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]