Building a Competency-Based Education Faculty Orientation

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Aug 5th at 12:45 PM until 1:30 PM


Faculty Development 


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Like many early CBE programs, UW Flexible Option was launched by a relatively small number of fearless faculty and administrators with limited supporting processes in place. Now at the 5-year marker, we’ve learned several lessons to help faculty new to competency-based education—and UW Flexible Option’s unique format—hit the ground running. With its rolling three-month overlapping subscription periods, faculty and operational staff’s work in the UW Flexible Option format is “continuous” as opposed to their work in traditional semester-based programs. Another unique feature of the Flexible Option is the team approach to supporting student success that relies on regular communication between faculty and academic success coaches. These features of the Flexible Option format require that faculty learn new processes for engaging students, communicating with support staff like Academic Success Coaches, and providing feedback on assessments. These unfamiliar tasks often lead to challenges for new faculty starting in the these programs, which can cause faculty turnover and result in poor student satisfaction scores. To address this concern, veteran UW Flex faculty combined forces with operations staff to develop an orientation that provides faculty with the key competencies they need to be successful as faculty in UW Flexible Option – and to foster a consistent and supportive learning experience for students. Panelists will share their insights into the collaborative design process undertaken, key learning outcomes included in the orientation, assessments built into the orientation, and the plan for operationalizing the orientation. Components of the orientation will be highlighted during the session. VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]