Welcome to the Neighborhood: Building community in an Online Classroom

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Aug 5th at 2:45 PM until 3:30 PM


Award Winner Sessions 


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Being a part of a community brings out the feelings that we belong, we matter to each other, and we are able to build relationships to accomplish our mutual goals (McMillan & Chavis, 1986). In an online or distance classroom, developing these feelings of community is an important step toward student success. Online students express feelings of isolation and a desire for more interaction with fellow students and the instructor (Berry, 2017; Bowers & Kumar, 2015). Student success and degree completion are vital to the field in online, blended, and distance education. This session will discuss the importance of community in the online classroom through the lens of two theories, Student Embeddedness and Sense of Community. Through interactive discussion and hands-on practice, attendees will leave with practical tools to add to their Teacher Toolbox and use in your next online classroom.

Join Crystal McCabe and Sonya Berges as they present their Schullo-Award-winning research! VIEW THIS SESSION [Mediasite player]