1. Mark Millard
    Director of Learning Design and Technologies for Engineering Professional Development, College of Engineering
  2. Angela Chase
    Assistant Chief Learning Officer for Distance Education, Office of Legal Education (EOUSA)
  3. Justin McKean
    Solution Strategy Director, PowerSchool
  4. Praveen Alexander
    Physiologist & Academic Faculty, Department of Distance Education , Christian Medical College, Vellore, India
  5. Johann Ebenezer
    Psychiatrist & Academic Faculty, Department of Distance Education , Christian Medical College, Vellore, India
  6. Ted Seto
    Hon. Frederick J. Lower Jr. Chair and Professor of Law – Loyola Law School
  7. Molly Lowe
    Molly Lowe, Program Strategy Manager – Wiley Education Services
  8. Summer Van Pelt
    Campus Director, University of Phoenix
  9. Phil Tallman
    Director of Partnerships, Harmonize
  10. Kenneth Larsen
    Lead inventor and developer, Cidilabs
  11. Mykola Sarazhynskyy
    Vice-President, ProEd
  12. Joseph Bork
    President, ProEd
  13. Karen Bieber
    Educational Consultant / Director of Business Development, PowerNotes
  14. AFSA Education Foundation
    Free Digital Financial Education Resources
  15. Roza Selimyan
    Professor, Program Director, Biotechnology Program University of Maryland Global Campus
  16. Amy Haeger
    Assistant Professor at Rush University College of Nursing
  17. Dee Bohne
    Vice President of Sales, Honorlock
  18. Chuck Coopman
    Enterprise Account Executive, Mediasite
  19. Michael Wright
  20. Nicole R. Kinzeler
    ssistant Professor in the Department of Population and Public Health Sciences, Wright State University
  21. Adam Rusch
    eLearning Specialist, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  22. Alexandra Miller
    Instructional Designer, Arizona State University
  23. Alex Convery
    Director, Academic Partnerships, TutorMe
  24. Alex Joppie
    Senior Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching and Learning, DePaul University
  25. Alicia Seguin
    Account Manager, Reflection Software
  26. Amanda Burris
    Project Coordinator, Great Plains IDEA, Kansas State University
  27. Amanda Hinson-Enslin
    Assistant Professor, Wright State University
  28. Amanda Renz
    Learning Design and Technologies Specialist, College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison
  29. Anna E. Cook
    Senior User Experience Designer and Instructional Designer, University of Colorado
  30. Anna Marsden
    Instructional Design Consultant, UNT Center for Learning Experimentation, Application, and Research
  31. Ari Hurwitz
    Associate Director, IRB, Northcentral University
  32. Baiyun Chen
    Program Director, Personalized Adaptive Learning, University of Central Florida
  33. Becky Copper-Glenz
    Dean, Graduate and Continuing Education, Fitchburg State University
  34. Brandon C. Taylor
    Instructional Designer, Rush University/Rush University Medical Center
  35. Brian Beatty
    Associate Professor of Instructional Technologies in the Department of Equity, Leadership Studies and Instructional Technologies, San Francisco State University
  36. Brian Udermann
  37. Brian Verdine
    Head of Client Success, Yellowdig
  38. Caleb Trujillo
    Online Community Coordinator, Brigham Young University-Idaho
  39. Carissa Gober
    Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, Missouri Southern State University
  40. Chad McLane
    Online Instructor Manager, Brigham Young University-Idaho
  41. Claire Barrett
    Postdoctoral Associate & Healthy Academics Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  42. Claire Dinkelman
    Research and Instruction Librarian, Marquette University
  43. Colin Marlaire
    Chief Technology and Learning Officer, Northcentral University
  44. Constance Wanstreet
    Title III Project Coordinator, Franklin University
  45. Crystal McCabe
    Associate Professor, Grand Canyon University
  46. Curtis Bonk
    Professor, Indiana University
  47. Dana Kemery
    Associate Clinical Professor, Drexel University
  48. Dan Freer
    Instructional Designer, Marquette University
  49. Danielle Leek
    Director of Academic Innovation & Distance Education at Bunker Hill Community College
  50. David Stein
    Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
  51. Debra Jensen
    Senior UI/UX Designer, Reflection Software
  52. Debra Johnson-Cortesi
    Senior Instructional Designer, Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School
  53. Dennis Glenn, MFA
    Adjunct Professor, DePaul University -Graduate School of Continuing and Professional Studies
  54. Derek Thurber
    Senior Instructional Designer, Arizona State University
  55. Diane Kuhlmann
    Professional Lecurer, Assistant Director MS in Taxation, DePaul University
  56. Dianne Gregory
    Associate Dean of Faculty and Staff Development, Saint Paul College
  57. Dirk Davis
    Associate Vice President of Academics, California Baptist University, Online and Professional Studies Division
  58. Dr. Jaime Davis
    VP of Academic Affairs, Independence University
  59. Dylan Barth
    Senior Teaching and Learning Consultant, UW-Milwaukee
  60. Eileen Shanley-Roberts
    Assistant Director of Formation and Contextual Education, Bexley Seabury Seminary Federation
  61. Elizabeth Barre
    Executive Director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching, Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC
  62. Elizabeth Kiggins
    Instructional Technologist and Assistant Professor, University of Indianapolis
  63. Elizabeth Rice
    Associate Dean of Student and Faculty Success, UC-Davis
  64. Eric Kowalik
    Instructional Designer, Marquette University
  65. Eric Peloza
    Instructional Designer, UW Extended Campus
  66. Faye Lesht
    Research Associate Professor, Marquette University
  67. Flower Darby
    Assistant Dean of Online and Innovative Pedagogies, Northern Arizona University
  68. Gloria Y. Niles
    Director of Distance Education and the Coordinator of the Office of Professional Development and Academic Support, University of Hawai’i-West O’ahu
  69. Greg McGuire
    Assistant Professor, National Defense University, Joint Forces Staff College
  70. Helen Ewing
    Program Coordinator and Associate Professor, MCPHS University
  71. Isidore Udoh
    Adjunct Instructor, Master of Public Health Program, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  72. James Moore
    Director of Online Learning, DePaul University Driehaus College of Business, DePaul University
  73. James R. Paradiso
    Assistant Instructional Designer, Personalized Adaptive Learning, University of Central Florida
  74. Jana Hitchcock
    Instructional Designer, Penn State World Campus
  75. Jane Sutterlin
    Learning Designer, Penn State University
  76. Janet Staker Woerner
    Faculty Associate - Director of Professional Development Outreach, University of Wisconsin Madison
  77. Janna Wrench
    Instructional Designer, Marquette University
  78. Janyce Cagan Agruss
    Associate Professor of Nursing
  79. Jean Mandernach
    Executive Director, CIRT, Grand Canyon University
  80. Jeanne Kerl
    Learning Designer, Northwestern University School of Professional Studies
  81. Jennifer Jorgensen
    Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  82. Jennifer Stegall
    Assistant Professor, Missouri Southern State University
  83. Jeremy Morgan
    Training Instructor, Office of Legal Education (EOUSA)
  84. Jerzy "George" Jura
    Director – Academic Technology, UW-Madison School of Nursing
  85. Jessica Bryan
    Instructional Designer, Brigham Young University
  86. Jessica Rebstock
    Instructional Designer, Learning Tech Link
  87. Jo Ann Oravec
    Professor, University of Wisconsin
  88. Jodi Clark-LoCascio
    Associate Professor, Nova Southeastern University
  89. Joe Olivier
    Senior Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching and Learning
  90. Johanna Dvorak
    Director Emerita, Educational Support Services, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  91. John Hollenbeck
    Senior Instructional Designer UW Extended Campus. Academic Staff in School of Music, UW-Oshkosh
  92. John P. Jones
    Director, Media Resources Center, Wichita State University
  93. John Orlando
    Associate Director of Faculty Support
  94. Joni Iglinski
    Director of Academic Affairs, University of Phoenix
  95. Joseph Lloyd
    Instructional Designer, University of Central Florida
  96. Judith Littlejohn
    Instructional Designer, SUNY Genesee Community College (GCC) in Batavia, NY
  97. Julie Gahimer
    Professor of Physical Therapy, University of Indianapolis
  98. Kalli-Ann Binkowski
    Academic Technology Coordinator for Research and Learning Technologies, College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota
  99. Karen Goldschmidt
    Associate Clinical Professor & Chair, Chair, RN to BSN Program, Drexel University
  100. Karen L. Pedersen
    Dean for Global Campus, Kansas State University
  101. Karen Paulson
    Associate Professor and Coordinator of Online Programs, Higher Education, Penn State University
  102. Katalin Wargo
    Learning Design Manager at the Studio for Teaching and Learning Innovation, William & Mary
  103. Kate Fan
    Graduate Research Assistant, Drexel University
  104. Kate Jones
    Director, MSN - Nursing Administration and DNP – Nursing Executive Leadership programs, College of Nursing, University of South Carolina
  105. Katherine Robbins
    Senior Instructional Designer, SYKES TalentSprout
  106. Katie Deering
    Instructional Design Consultant, University of North Texas
  107. Kayla Jutzi
    Instructional Designer, Tulane University, School of Professional Advancement
  108. Kay McLennan
    Sr. Professor of Practice, Tulane University
  109. Kevin Forgard
    Instructional Designer, UW-Madison WIDA
  110. Kim Kostka
    Faculty, University of Wisconsin Extended Campus
  111. Kim LeBard-Rankila
    Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin Superior
  112. Kristen Betts
    Clinical Professor, Drexel University
  113. Kristlyn Thomas
    Instructional Designer, Loyola University Chicago
  114. KyungJa Oh
    Director of Formation and Contextual Education, Bexley Seabury Seminary Federation
  115. Lamia Scherzinger
    Lecturer, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
  116. Leah Bishop
    Business Development Manager, Carolina Distance Learning
  117. Lisa Schreibersdorf
    Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  118. Lujean Baab
    Sr. Director, Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies, Virginia Tech
  119. Margaret Workman
    Instructor, DePaul University
  120. Maria Dahman
    User Experience Researcher and Designer, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  121. Maria Wherley
    Learning Designer and Writer/Editor, Penn State University
  122. Maria Widmer
    Instructional Designer, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  123. Marietta Orlowski
    Associate Professor and Chair, Boonshoft School of Medicine, Wright State University
  124. Marilu Vargas Howard
    Instructional Design Consultant, University of North Texas, University of North Texas
  125. Mary Ellen Dello Stritto
    Director of Research, Ecampus, Oregon State University
  126. Matthew Russell
    Educational Consultant, Blended & Digital Pedagogy at University of Texas - Austin
  127. Meina Zhu
    Assistant Professor, Wayne State University
  128. Melinda Verdone
    Program Manager, MS in Applied Biotechnology, UW Extended Campus
  129. Melissa Everett
    Online Instructor Manager, Brigham Young University-Idaho
  130. Melissa Venable
    Writer / Online Education Advisor, Higher Education at Red Ventures
  131. Michael G. Moore
    Distinguished Professor of Education, Emeritus, The Pennsylvania State University
  132. Michelle Bly
    Instructional Designer, Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School
  133. Michelle Jarvie Eggart
    Sr. Lecturer, Michigan Technological University
  134. Michelle Palaroan
    Lead Director of Academic Affairs, University of Phoenix
  135. Mona Pearl
    Instructor, Dept. of Management & Entrepreneurship
  136. Moses Wolfenstein
    Distance Education Faculty Coordinator, El Camino College
  137. Newton Miller
    Associate Dean, Department of Education Studies at Ashford University
  138. Nicole Messier
    Instructional Designer, Rasmussen College
  139. Nicole Weber
    Director of Learning Technology, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  140. Oliver Dreon
    Professor, Educational Foundations and Director, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning, Millersville University
  141. Pam Holt
    Dean of Online Learning at Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee Area Technical College
  142. Peg Checchi
    Instructional Designer, Rush University
  143. Penny Ralston-Berg
    Senior Instructional Designer, Pennsylvania State University – World Campus
  144. Peter van Leusen
    Director of Adaptive & Personalized Learning, Arizona State University
  145. Rachel Koblic
    Senior Director, Course Strategy, 2U, Inc.
  146. Rahul Kane
    Professor, Century College
  147. Ray Schroeder
    Senior Fellow of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) and Professor Emeritus / Associate Vice Chancellor, University of Illinois Springfield (UIS)
  148. Renee Deljon
    Senior Instructional Designer, Arizona State University
  149. Renee Pfeifer-Luckett
    Director, Learning Technology Development, University of Wisconsin System Administration
  150. Rick Shearer
    Director of World Campus Learning Design, The Pennsylvania State University
  151. Robert Shields
    Director of Curriculum Development, California Baptist University, Online and Professional Studies Division
  152. Rosi León
    Director of Virtual Exchange and Online Learning, Global Engagement Division
  153. Rudi Ruedisueli
    Director of Curriculum Development, National Defense University, Joint Forces Staff College
  154. Sandra Huston
    Professor & Director, Personal Finance Program, Texas Tech University
  155. Sara Hanson
    Director of Career Development, Edgewood College
  156. Shaun Pitz
    Virtual Reality Designer (contracted from Infinite Method), Northern Michigan University
  157. Shen Ba
    Visiting Scholar, The Ohio State University
  158. Sonya Berges
    Assistant Professor, Grand Canyon University
  159. Stacy Scholtka
    Project Manager, Office of Learning and Information Technology Services, UW System Administration Extension
  160. Stephanie Edel-Malizia
    Instructional Designer, Penn State University
  161. Steven Ziemba
    IRB Director, Northcentral University
  162. Steve Stokes
    Institutional Researcher, Brigham Young University-Idaho
  163. Steve VandenAvond
    Vice President for Extended Learning and Community Engagement, Northern Michigan University
  164. Susan Bailey
    Lead Instructional Designer, University of Iowa
  165. Tanya Joosten
    Director, National Research Center for Distance Education and Tech Advancements at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  166. Thomas J Tobin
    Program Area Director, UW-Madison
  167. Thomas Royce Wilson
    Online-ed Leader & Humorist
  168. Thom Freeman
    Sr. Instructional Designer & Online Learning Specialist, Instructor Michigan Technological University
  169. Tonia Jones
    Training Instructor, Office of Legal Education (EOUSA)
  170. Trey Martindale
    University professor in instructional design and e-learning, Mississippi State University
  171. Vera Polyakova-Norwood
    Director of Distributed Learning, College of Nursing, University of South Carolina
  172. William Diehl
    Assistant professor and coordinator of online graduate programs in the Lifelong Learning and Adult Education program, The Pennsylvania State University
  173. Xueyan Duan
    Ph.D Student, University of Rochester
  174. Yvonne Phelps
    Vice President of Academic Affairs, University of Phoenix