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Jerzy "George" Jura

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Since 2012, I have worked in my current role of the director of academic technology at the U of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing (SoN), where I lead a small academic technology team and SoN faculty in exploring, identifying, and implementing technology-supported teaching & learning solutions. In the past (2008-12), I had lead campus-wide technology initiatives for students and staff at U of Wisconsin-Whitewater, as its first Technology Advancement and Training Coordinator, (one of my 2009 Whitewater Excel screencasts just passed 700K views), and co-creator and project lead of TechQuest, an innovative online technology orientation for incoming students, a version of which is still being used today (2020).

Over the years, I have shared my ideas on teaching with technology with audiences at numerous forums, including over 30 presentations and workshops presented to audiences at: EDUCAUSE National and Midwest-Regional Conferences, ELI Annual Meetings (F2F and Virtual/Online), International Forums on Active Learning Classrooms (MN), Distance Learning Conferences (Madison, WI), and Modern Language Association (MLA) Conferences.

Before focusing on instructional technology as my primary professional interest, I had taught as a tenure-track faculty at Lawrence U. (Appleton, WI), and - before then - at Iowa State U. (Ames, IA).

I hold a PhD in Spanish Lit / Communications, MA in Journalism/Advertising Track (both from UW-Madison), MA (Magister) in Romance Language Philology (Jagiellonian U); my more recent credentials include a QM Teach Online Certificate (2016), and OLC Instructional Design Certificate (2019). Since the start of the pandemic, I have decided to re-start my blog, focused on teaching and learning, called, where you can also find the overview of my forthcoming workshop.