Students 2020-2021

Welcome to The University of Edinburgh, we are very excited that you have joined our community!

This guide will help you to find activities to help you get started as a new student, at the start of term and throughout your first year.

How to use this app before you start:

1) Read the Welcome Checklists and information guides. You will need to start many of these tasks before you start and you can add tasks yo your Personal Checklist to keep you on track.

2) Find your essential academic activities you need to attend in School Induction Activities and search by your school programme

3) Find the optional activities that will help you meet other people in Welcome Activities and search by topic of activity. This is a great opportunity for you to meet people with similar interests, but also to try some new things!

4) Add all activities to Your Schedule - as a handy reminder of things you definitely want to attend.

5) Learn more about what services are available to support you during your studies in the Meet the Services section.

6) If you are planning to come to Edinburgh, check out the Discover Edinburgh section where maps and top tips will help you start to get your bearings in this wonderful city.

We wish you well and hope you have a wonderful start to your studies with us.