The BIG Questions

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What's the best day to attend? 
You know we're biased right? The exhibition hall, freeplay areas, and tournaments are open all three days of PAX. Concerts are Friday and Saturday nights. The final round of the Omegathon is Sunday. Good luck.

Are there age restrictions to PAX East? 
Nope. But if you're under 13 please make sure your parents know where you are, if you are a parent you can bring your child of 6 and under to the show for free, however strollers are not allowed on the expo floor. 

What do I need to get into PAX East? 
If you've pre-registered, that means you've received your pre-registration packet with the appropriate identification to get you in the door. If you're buying tickets the day-of, just head to the registration desk near the main entrance. 

Can I bring my own computer for the LAN? 
PAX does have a BYOC section, although it requires an additional registration which hasn't opened yet. Stay tuned to our twitter @offical_PAX and we'll announce it there. 

Anything else I should bring? 
Your pre-reg packet and badge, comfortable shoes, and ID. PAX East is great for just meeting new people and having fun, so consider also bringing your handheld game system, favorite CCG, minis, or tabletop game.

I'm a game company. Who do I contact with regards to exhibiting at PAX East? 
Contact Bill Butler ( for info on booth space and sponsorships.

What is The Omegathon? 
The Omegathon is a three-day elimination tournament between randomly selected attendees who compete in games from every category (tabletop, console, PC) culminating in a live championship match on the big stage during PAX closing ceremonies. The final round is always out of left field and is completely insane.

Can I take pictures / video? 
Indeed! PAX is a public event. Cameras are everywhere. Our attendees understand that they are in the public domain and are likely to be filmed, photographed or recorded. That said if an exhibitor asks you not to film or photograph a booth or an event please respect their wishes.

Will I be on camera?