Muhlenberg College Orientation Weekend 2014

Welcome to the Muhlenberg College Orientation Guidebook!

To get the most out of this app:

1. When you learn of your O-Group assignment:

  • select the correct schedule from the "Schedule by O-Group" folder. This will filter out other O-Group information. Use this schedule to guide you for the weekend.

2. When you receive your FYS assignment:

  • Find your FYS meeting for Friday (look for the number and name of the FYS in either the "Weekend Schedule" or your "O-Group Schedule") and select the listing. Within the listing, tap the button at the bottom of the screen reading, "Add to My Schedule". Select a notification time (5 minutes before, ten minutes, etc). Guidebook will then automatically remind you about these important sessions.
  • Find your Lunch by FYS for Saturday and repeat the process above.
  • Find your FYS meeting for Sunday and repeat the process a third time.

3. You can use the "Add to My Schedule" feature for any other program you want to be sure that you attend.

4. Open the ""To-do" list and select "Add New" from the bottom of the screen. In the pop-up window type in, "Schedule an advising session" and then Save; You'll want to meet one-to-one with your advisor this weekend.

Until you receive these assignments, feel free to browse all the buttons and review the schedule!

Questions? Contact the Student Orientation Advisory  & Planning Committee (SOAP).