Kazuhiko Tamura

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Kazuhiko Tamura entered the anime industry in 1992 when he joined SUNRISE as a Production Coordinator. He became involved with “Energy Bomb Gambaruger,” “Whirlwind! Iron Leaguer,” “Mobile Fighter G Gundam,” and “Escalfowne.” Moving up to Production Manager in 1998, he has worked in “Sentimental Journey,” “The Big O II,” and the “Sergeant Keroro” series. He also worked as an Assistant Producer on “Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn) Episode 1.”

More recently, he has become a Producer for “TIGER & BUNNY”, which he has been involved with from the very beginning. He has also released “TIGER & BUNNY The Beginning” and “TIGER & BUNNY The Rising” and continues to take on new possibilities with original projects.