1. LOST: Airpods
  2. LOST: Ford key fob
  3. LOST: Black Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 gym shoes
  4. LOST: Black & white jacket with Culver Swim & Dive logo
  5. LOST: Black dress shoes with belt
  6. LOST: Black Adidas backpack (BKBeasts on front)
  7. FOUND: Ear buds (Wang Zirki)
  8. FOUND: VISA Debit Card
  9. FOUND: Key, Blue Lanyard
  10. FOUND: Grey Wallet
  11. FOUND: earbuds
  12. FOUND: red dog collar
  13. FOUND: iPhone (teal blue)
  14. FOUND: Brown wallet
  15. FOUND: Key
  16. FOUND: Personal check
  17. FOUND: Key on red lanyard
  18. FOUND: Reading glasses with black case
  19. FOUND: Aviator sunglasses, silver frame
  20. FOUND: Maui Jim sunglasses
  21. FOUND: Gray Under Armour football cap
  22. LOST: Tiffany bracelet
  23. LOST: Elkhart Memorial All Sports Pass
  24. LOST: iPhone 8
  25. LOST: Brown Book Bag
  26. LOST: Louis Vuitton women Sun Glasses in PinkGold
  27. LOST: Lanyard with Key
  28. LOST: Circle Fan w/ stand
  29. LOST: Silver CGA Ring with Initials DLM
  30. LOST:iPhone 6 plus - shiny pink case
  31. LOST: Straw Fedora Hat with Orange Band and Trim
  32. FOUND: Verizon phone in black apple case.
  33. LOST: Black Velcro Wallet
  34. LOST: A regimental commander brass
  35. LOST: Gold Ring with J Monogram
  36. FOUND: Women's Gloves
  37. FOUND: Silver Bracelet
  38. FOUND: Room Key
  39. FOUND: Debit Card
  40. LOST: Black plastic framed glasses
  41. LOST: Black Water Bottle with Chinese Writing
  42. FOUND: Wallet
  43. FOUND: Room Key
  44. LOST: Black backpack with bauer logo.
  45. FOUND: Heart Charm Braclet
  46. LOST: Spanish 3 Text Book
  47. LOST: Black Wireless PowerBeats 3
  48. LOST: Room Key on Teal Lanyard
  49. LOST: Black Dess Shoes (Size 9, from BB)
  50. LOST: Magnigying Eyeglasses (Dark Red w/ Culver logo)
  51. LOST: iPhone SE (Space Gray w/ semi hard case)
  52. FOUND: Eyeglasses in Black Case
  53. FOUND: Blue Watch
  54. FOUND: TI-84 Calculator
  55. FOUND: Sailing Gloves
  56. FOUND: White Baseball Hat
  57. FOUND: Earbuds
  58. FOUND: Walgreens Bag with Personal Items
  59. LOST: iPhone 6 with a black apple smartcase
  60. LOST: Black Backpack
  61. LOST: Wire Rim Glasses