1. Gary Steinman
  2. Aaron Trites
    Commentator, Harmonix
  3. Abbie Heppe
    Community Manager, Respawn
  4. Abby Howard
    Abby Howard Comics
  5. Adam Johnson
    Senior Graphic Designer, NIS America, Inc.
  6. Adam Koebel
    Game Designer, Sage Kobold Productions
  7. Adam Kovic
    Host/Producer, Machinima
  8. Adam Rippon
    Master Videogamesman, Choice Provisions
  9. Adam Shetler
    Manager - Morth American Social Media Team, Riot Games
  10. Adrian Price
    Producer, Tetris
  11. Adriel Wallick
    Designer / Coordinator, Train Jam
  12. Aina Braxton
    Program Coordinator, Digital Future Lab
  13. AJ Glasser
    Partner Manager, Indie Games, Facebook
  14. Akash Thakkar
    Composer/Sound Designer, Independent
  15. Alan Joyce
    Product Manager, YouTube
  16. Alan Wilson
    Vice President, Tripwire Interactive
  17. Alex 'PauseUnpause'
    PauseUnpause, Mindcrack
  18. Alex Dick
    3D Printing Innovator, Proto-Pasta
  19. Alex Hutchinson
    Creative Director, Ubisoft Montreal
  20. Alex Leavitt
    Researcher and PhD Candidate, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California
  21. Alex Navarro
    East Coaster, Giant Bomb
  22. Alex Rubens
    Industry Journalist, IGN, Polygon, etc.
  23. Alex Steacy
    Chicken-Man, LoadingReadyRun
  24. Alexa Ray Corriea
    Journalist, Polygon
  25. Alexey Pajitnov
  26. Alexis 'Mischief FD' Hebert
    Creative Producer, Microsoft Studios
  27. Alix Stolzer
    Co-Founder, Robot Loves Kitty
  28. Amarisse Sullivan
    Community Manager, Double Fine
  29. Amy Brady
    Associate Digital Engagement Manager, , Ubisoft
  30. Anatole Chen
    User Research PM, Microsoft- Natural User Interface Team
  31. Andre Medows
    Founder, Black Nerd
  32. Andrea Rene
    GameTrailers, Senior Producer
  33. Andrea Rene Ehnert
    GameTrailers, Senior Producer
  34. Andrew Ferguson
    Photographer, Community Organiser, Independent Contractor
  35. Andrew Gonzales
  36. Andrew Miller, MAT
    Educational Consultant, Edutopia
  37. Andrew Schroeder
    SGDQ Organizer, Twitch
  38. Andrew Yoon
    Editor in Chief, Shack News
  39. Andrew Zoboki
    Lead Designer, Petroglyph Games
  40. Andrien Gbinigie
    Community Developer, Ubisoft
  41. Anne Toole
    Writer and Narrative Designer, The Write Toole
  42. Annette Gonzalez
    Product Manager, Harmonix
  43. Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda
    Designer, DoubleBear Productions
  44. Anthony Aleman
    Owner, Instalok
  45. Anthony Carboni
    Host/Producer, Freelance
  46. Anthony Gallegos
    Host, (Formerly of 1UP, EGM, Computer Gaming World) Rebel FM
  47. Anthony Newman
    Game Designer, Naughty Dog
  48. Archie Prakash
    Co-Founder, Glitch City LA
  49. Arian Croft
    Game Developer, Ill Gotten Games
  50. Arthur Gies
    Reviews Editor, Polygon
  51. Ashley Cook
    Founder/Community Organizer, Queer Geek! Seattle
  52. Ashley Zeldin
    Creative Director, Adorkable Games
  53. Aubrey Norris
    Director of Marketing and PR, Deep Silver
  54. Austin Riedhammer
    Tech Ops, VGMT
  55. Avery Alix
    Sr. Producer, Warner Bros. Interactive
  56. Barry
  57. Ben Hantoot
  58. Ben Mandall
    Veteran GM, The Art of the Table
  59. Ben Padget
    Software Engineer, Facebook
  60. Benjamin Bowman
    Streamer, Professor Broman
  61. Benjamin Williams
    Co-Founder, Queer Geek!
  62. Bex Bradley
    SDET 2 Lead, Microsoft
  63. Bijhan Valibeigi
    Author and Game Designer, Time Wars
  64. Bill Fulton
    Principal Researcher, Microsoft
  65. Bill Zoeker
    Video Techromancer, Destructoid
  66. Billy Nichols
    Community Manager, Lantana Games
  67. Blake Morse
    Community Manager, Midnight City
  68. Bob Roberts
    Lead Designer, Monolith Productions
  69. Bob Stewart
    Master of the Rattle and Spray, BSMods
  70. Bobby Stein
    Lead Writer, ArenaNet
  71. Boris Salchow
  72. Brad Muir
    Project Lead, Double Fine
  73. Brad Shoemaker
    Industry Expert, Giant Bomb
  74. Brandon Dillon
    Senior Programmer, Double Fine Productions
  75. Brandon Jones
    Editor in Chief, GameTrailers
  76. Brandon Rym DeCoster
    Producer, GeekNights
  77. Brandon Wilks
    Owner, Protatomonster
  78. Brendan 'Beej' Dery
    Beej, Synaptic Chaos Theatre
  79. Brendan and#39;Beejand#39; Dery
    Synaptic Chaos Theatre
  80. Brett Cutler
    Game Designer, 17-BIT
  81. Brian Feeney
    Associate Champion Designer, Riot Games
  82. Brian Kibler
    Senior Designer, Stoneblade Entertainment
  83. Brian Morris
    Master Builder, Owner, Zaklabs
  84. Brian Provinciano
    Founder, Vblank Ent.
  85. Brianna Wu
    Head of Development, Giant Spacekat
  86. Brittany Aubert
    Producer, 5th Cell
  87. Brittney Brombacher
    Creator, BlondeNerd
  88. Brooks Brown
    VP of Digital Development, Lightstorm Entertainment
  89. Bruce Greene
    Host, Machinima
  90. Bryanna Lindsey
    FX Artist, Zenimax Online Studios
  91. Calvin Goble
    Co-Founder / Programmer, Robot Loves Kitty
  92. Cameron Lauder
    Actor, LoadingReadyRun
  93. CaptainSparklezandFriends;
  94. Cara Ely
    Director of Game Design, PopCap
  95. Carlos Rodela
    Producer/Host, Video Game Break and Big Fish
  96. Casey Lynch
    Founder, Midnight City
  97. Casey Pelkey
    Vice President, Marketing at Tetris Online, Tetris
  98. Caspian Priebe
    Concept Artist, Crooked Tree Studios
  99. Chandana Ekanayake
    Art Director, Uber Entertainment
  100. Charles Babb
    CEO, Fairchild Consortium
  101. Charles Logan
    Founder, Queer Geek! Seattle
  102. Charlie Falcone
    Modderator, Dingo Designs
  103. Chase
    PR Director, Twitch
  104. Chris 'AlphaZealot' Brown
    Video Game Tournament Planner, The Pokemon Company International
  105. Chris 'Nebris88'
    Nebris, Mindcrack
  106. Chris Ball
    Sacriel, TwitchTV
  107. Chris Chamberlain
    Lead Software Developer in Test, Microsoft
  108. Chris Heintz
    Public Relations Manager, Riot Games
  109. Chris Kohler
    Editor, WIRED
  110. Chris Moffitt
    Art Director, Robot Entertainment
  111. Chris Parsons
    Product Manager, Muzzy Lane
  112. Chris Perkins
    D and D Story and World-Building Lead, Wizards of the Coast LLC
  113. Chris Remo
    Developer, Campo Santo
  114. Chris Rippy
    Producer, Robot Entertainment
  115. Chris Roberts
    Founder, Cloud Imperium Games
  116. Chris Tihor
    Game Writer/Designer, Ironic Iconic Studios
  117. Christian Cantamessa
    Lead Writer, Monolith Productions
  118. Christian Knutson
    ASB Student Director of Technology, Thomas Jefferson High School
  119. Christopher Aguirre
    Owner, Instalok
  120. Christopher Grant
    Marketing, Games Done Quick
  121. Christopher Nicholls
    Executive Producer, Disney Interactive
  122. Christopher Stapleton
    Creative Experience Director, Simiosys Real World Laboratory
  123. ChuggaConroy
  124. Claire Hummel
    Production Designer, HBO
  125. Colin Johanson
    Guild Wars 2
  126. Colin Sullivan
    Attorney, CrowdCounsel
  127. Cora Walker
    Editor and Narrative Designer, Digital Future Lab
  128. Corey Rollins
    Community Manager, Klei Entertainment
  129. Craig Kaufman
    Principal Events Coordinator, AbleGamers
  130. Craig Skistimas
    General Manager, ScrewAttack
  131. D'Ron 'D1' Maingrette
    Commentator, Nintendo Invitational, EVO, Apex, and MLG
  132. Daemon Hatfield
    Host of Game Scoop, IGN
  133. Dale North
    Editor, Destructoid
  134. Damian Hess
    MC, MC Frontalot
  135. Dan
    Extra Credits
  136. Dan Amrich
    Author/Old Guy
  137. Dan Ayoub
    Executive Producer, 343 Industries
  138. Dan Brandt
    Organized Play Associate, The Pokemon Company
  139. Dan Hevia
    Social Media Consultant, Project 510
  140. Dan Ryckert
    Olympic Medalist, Giant Bomb
  141. Dand#39;Ron 'D1' Maingrette
    Commentator, Nintendo Invitational, EVO, Apex, and MLG
  142. Daniel Emmons
    Game Designer, Writer, Extra Credits
  143. Daniel Tack
    PC Editor, Game Informer
  144. Daniel Wood
    Assistant Producer/Graphics, Of Dice and Men
  145. Danielle Riendeau
    Senior Reviewer, Polygon
  146. Danny Baranowsky
    Composer, dbsoundworks
  147. Danny O'Dwyer
    Editor/Host, Gamespot
  148. Danny Oand#39;Dwyer
    Editor/Host, Gamespot
  149. Danny Sexbang
  150. Danz
  151. Dan^2
    Extra Credits, Extra Credits
  152. Darren Bridges
    Game Designer, Sucker Punch Productions
  153. Darren Korb
    Composer, SuperGiant
  154. Dave Georgeson
    Director of EverQuest Franchise, Sony Online Entertainment
  155. Dave Oshry
    Director of Marketing Strategy, Gunnar
  156. David Fuchs
    Assistant Producer, Of Dice and Men
  157. David Munk
    Cards Against Humanity
  158. David Perry
    3D Designer, OpenFab PDX
  159. David Pinsof
    Cards Against Humanity
  160. David Schwimmer
    Program Manager, The Pokemon Company International
  161. Dean Hall
    Project Lead, Bohemia Interactive
  162. Deborah Hendersen
    User Research Lead, Microsoft Game Studios
  163. Derrick Acosta
  164. Doger and Friends
  165. Dominick Mendoza
    Quality Assurance Tester, Harebrained
  166. Donna Prior
    Volunteer and Events Manager, Green Ronin Publishing
  167. Doug Holder
    Game Designer, Naughty Dog
  168. Dr. Erica Sarr
    Clinical Therapist, Keystone Extended Care
  169. Dr. Hilarie Cash
    Co-Founder, reSTART Life
  170. Dr. Tom Furness
    Professor, University of Washington
  171. Dr. Tyler R Black
    Medical Director, CAPE Unit, BC Children and #39;s Hospital
  172. Drew Scanlon
    Guitar Solo Enthusiast, Giant Bomb
  173. Dru Staltman
    Developer, Bootsnake Games
  174. Duncan Drummond
    Programmer and Artist, Hopoo Games
  175. Eddie Kramer
    Recording Producer and Engineer, Remark Music, Ltd
  176. Egoraptor
  177. Eli Halpern
    Cards Against Humanity
  178. Eliot Weinstein
    Cards Against Humanity
  179. Elizabeth Stewart
    Co-Host, A Couple of Meeple
  180. Ellen McLain
    Voice Actor, Voice of GlaDOS
  181. Elliot White
    Editor / Project Manager, Digital Future Lab
  182. Elliott White
    Editor / Project Manager, Digital Future Lab
  183. EM Stock
    Director of Community Relations, SixFoot/Grey Box
  184. Emily Jarrett
    Graduate Stuednt, VST
  185. Emily Reese
    Host/Producer, Classical MPR
  186. Emmett Scout
    Editor and Level Designer, Digital Future Lab
  187. Eric 'Ocho' Cleaver
    Senior Community Manager, Trion Entertainment
  188. Eric Baudour
  189. Eric Cleaver
    Senior Community Manager, Trion Worlds
  190. Eric L. Patterson
    Executive Editor, EGM
  191. Eric Neustadter
    Xbox Live Operations Architect/Old Guy, Microsoft/Xbox
  192. Eric Pope
    Community Manager, Harmonix
  193. Erik Bond
    Portfolio Manager, Bluefoot Partners
  194. Erik Johnson
    PR and Marketing Lead, Writer, Content Developer, Arcen Games
  195. Erik Mona
    Publisher, Paizo Publishing
  196. Erika Greco
    Graphic Artist, Penny Arcade
  197. Erin 'Aureylian'
    Partnerships Lead
  198. Evan Berman
    Senior Community Manager, Trion
  199. Evan Lahti
    Editor, PC Gamer
  200. Evan Louscher
    Owner, Games and Gizmos
  201. Evan Narcisse
    Editor, Kotaku
  202. Firaxis Development Team
  203. Florence Vaillant
    Game Designer, Tetris
  204. Frank O'connor
    Franchise Director, 343 Industries
  205. Frank Oand#39;connor
    Franchise Director, 343 Industries
  206. Fred Wan
    L5R Assistant Story Lead, Alderac Entertainment Group
  207. Fryda Wolff
    Voice Actor / Former Sound Designer, Freelance
  208. Gabe and Tycho
  209. Gabe Hayward
    Manager, Pink Gorilla Games
  210. Garrett Hunter
  211. Gary Clay
    Head of PopCap Marketing, PopCap
  212. Geoff Zatkin
    Co-Founder, EEDAR
  213. Geoffrey Zatkin
    Founder, EEDAR
  214. Gio Corsi
    Director of Third Party Publishing, SCEA
  215. Godfrey Harris
    Game Tester, Flexasoft
  216. Graham Stark
    Co-Creator, LoadingReadyRun
  217. Greg BIlsland
    D and D Senior Producer, Wizards of the Coast LLC
  218. Greg Miller
    Game Scoop Loudmouth, IGN
  219. Greg Spyridis
    President, Game Monkey Press
  220. Greg Stackhouse
    Uber Entertainment
  221. Greg Street
    Lead Game Designer, Riot Games
  222. Greg Tito
    Editor in Chief, The Escapist
  223. Guy Whitmore
    Studio Audio Director, PopCap
  224. Gwen Bethel Riley
    Head of Business Affairs, Music, Disney Interactive
  225. Gwen Yeh
    Artist, Arenanet
  226. Gwyneth Yeh
    Environmental Artist, ArenaNet
  227. Hallie Santo
    Blogger, Lady Planeswalkers Society
  228. Heather Hazen
    Executive Producer on Peggle 2 and PvZ2, PopCap
  229. Hironobu Sakaguchi
    Founder, Mistwalker Corporation
  230. Holly Green
    Polygon, Dtoid, Gameranx
  231. Ian Fischer
    Design Director, Robot Entertainment
  232. Ian Horner
    Host, tiltyhouse.com / Synaptic Chaos Theatre
  233. Ichiro Lambe
    Founder, President, Dejobaan Games
  234. Ilja Rotelli
    Director of Community, Riot Games
  235. ImmortalHD
  236. Inon Zur
    Award-winning Compser, Inon Zur, Inc.
  237. J. Eckert
    Community Manager, Developer Relations, Riot Games
  238. Jack DeVries
    Writer, Freelance
  239. Jacob Clark
    Community Manager, The Unallied
  240. Jacob Pernell
    Composer/Sound Designer, Independent
  241. Jade Cheung
    Master Builder, Owner, Arctic Phoenix Studios
  242. Jake 'Virt' Kaufman
    Chiptune Musician, Big Lion Music
  243. Jake Baldino
    Internet Video Personality, Because Video Games
  244. Jake Rodkin
    Developer, Campo Santo
  245. James B. Jones
    Writer/Designer, Freelance
  246. James Benson
    Animator, Campo Santo
  247. James Booking
    Chiptune Musician, Br1ght Pr1mate
  248. James Brady
    Game Store Owner, Cloud Cap Games
  249. James Costello
    Project Coordinator, Big Fish Games
  250. James Lantz
    Technical Designer, Klei Entertainment
  251. James Portnow
    Extra Credits
  252. James Primate
    Chiptune Musician, Br1ght Pr1mate
  253. James Rolfe
    Angry Video Game Nerd, Cinemassacre Productions
  254. James Silva
    Lead Dishwasher, Ska Studios
  255. James Spafford
    Community Manger, Media Molecule
  256. James Stevenson
    Community Lead, Insomniac Games
  257. James Turner
    Fixer, LoadingReadyRun
  258. James Willems
    Host, Machinima
  259. Jamie Cheng
    CEO, Klei Entertainment
  260. Jamie Dillion
    Project Manager, Child and #39;s Play Charity, Penny Arcade
  261. Jane Ng
    Artist, Campo Santo
  262. Janelle Bonanno
    Editor in Chief, GameFront
  263. Janet Croft
    Tolkien Lore Expert, University of Oklahoma
  264. Jared Creasy
    Community Manager, Tripwire Interactive
  265. Jared Gerritzen
    VP of Publisher and Developer Relations, Major League Gaming
  266. Jason 'Guude'
    CEO, Mindcrack
  267. Jason Evangelho
    Contributor, Forbes
  268. Jason Lindsey
    Producer and Host of the Metal Jesus Rocks YouTube channel
  269. Jason Schreier
    Editor, Kotaku
  270. Jean-Jacques Mott
    Children and #39;s Hospital
  271. Jeevun Sidhu
    Associate Technical Designer, Riot Games
  272. Jeff 'Jsano19'
    Jsano19, Mindcrack
  273. Jeff Agala
    Creative Director, Klei Entertainment
  274. Jeff Cannata
    Host, DLC Podcast
  275. Jeff Gerstmann
    Sun Worshipper, Giant Bomb
  276. Jeff Green
    Old Guy, Hit Detection
  277. Jeff Kalles
    Sports Fanatic, Penny Arcade
  278. Jeff Pobst
    CEO, Hidden Path Entertainment
  279. Jennell Jaquays
    Chief Creative Officer, Olde Skuul
  280. Jennifer Allaway
    Social Researcher, Willamette University
  281. Jennifer Ash
    User Researcher, Bungie
  282. Jennifer Fairbanks
    Senior Tester, Big Fish Games
  283. Jennifer K. Stuller
    Co-founder and Programming Advisor, Geek Girl Con
  284. Jennifer Paige
    Senior Community Engagement Manager, Microsoft
  285. Jens Anderson
    Creative Director for DC Universe Online, Sony Online Entertainment
  286. Jeremy Bort, MAT, NBCT
    Teacher, Federal Way Public Schools
  287. Jeremy Snead
    President, Mediajuice Studios
  288. Jeremy Vanhoozer
    Creative Director, Plants vs. Zombies
  289. Jerry 'Tycho' Holkins
    Penny Arcade
  290. Jesper Kyd
  291. Jess Hartley
    Game Designer, Independant Author
  292. Jessica Chobot
    Host, Nerdist
  293. Jessica Goldsmith
    Game Designer, Dice for the Visually Impaired
  294. Jim Boone
    Producer, Volition
  295. Jim Crawford
    Founder, Twinbeard
  296. Jimmy Hinson
    Chiptune Musician, Big Giant Circles
  297. Joanna Leung
    Game Designer, Treyarch
  298. Joel Emslie
    Lead Artist, Respawn Entertainment
  299. Joel Rubin
    Producer, Machinima
  300. John Barnett
    Sgt, US Army (ret)
  301. John Lindvay
    Podcaster, BigSushi FM
  302. John Williamson
    CEO, Waywardsprites
  303. Jon Bolding
    Tabletop Editor, The Escapist
  304. Jon Carnage
    Producer, TwitchTV
  305. Jon David
    Executive Producer on Bejeweled and Peggle Mobile, PopCap
  306. Jonathan Bergeron
    User Experience Researcher, NBCUniversal
  307. Jonathan Bolding
    Senior Editor-Tabletop, The Escapist
  308. Jonathan Terleski
    Designer, YouTube
  309. Jordan 'CaptainSparklez' Maron
  310. Jordan 'Soma' Tayer
    Community Manager
  311. Jordan 'SomaJT' Tayor
    Community Manager
  312. Jordan Anton
    Associate Champion Designer, Riot Games
  313. Jordan Schmidt
    Associate Program Designer, Central Community Programs Team, Riot Games
  314. Jordan Vincent
    Marketing Coordinator, NIS America, Inc.
  315. Joseph Dodson
    Analyst, EEDAR
  316. Josh Klopfenstein
    Producer, Klopfenpop
  317. Josh Maida
    VP of Games, Grey Box
  318. Josh Nilson
    CEO, East Side Games
  319. Joshua A.C. Newman
    Principal, Glyphpress
  320. Joshua Neal
    Clinician / Gamer, Sound Mental Health
  321. Joshua Vanderwall
    Managing Editor, The Escapist
  322. JP McDaniels
    Creator, RollPlay
  323. Juan 'Hungrybox' Debiedma
    Professional Smasher, Team Curse
  324. Justin Achilli
    Designer, Vampire: The Masquerade, White Wolf
  325. Justin Fassino
    Co-host, A Couple of Meeple
  326. Justin Hendry
    Lead Designer, Respawn Entertainment
  327. Justin Korthof
    Community Manager, Robot Entertainment
  328. Justin Ma
    Co-Founder, Subset Games
  329. Kathleen De Vere
    Writer/Editor/Actor, LoadingReadyRun
  330. Katrin
    Ground Crew, Game Show Night
  331. Katrina Keller
    Bag Designer and Creator, Independent
  332. Kayla Kinnunen
    Game Director, Roadhouse Interactive
  333. Keezy Young
    Content Developer and Art Director, Pixelkin
  334. Keiji Inafune
    Founder and President, Comcept
  335. Keith Knight
    Professional League of Legends Gamer with Disabilities
  336. Kelli N. Dunlap
    Psy.D., American School of Professional Psychology
  337. Kendall Davis
    The Wolf Among Us
  338. Kepa Auwae
    Owner, Rocketcat Games
  339. Kevin Bruner
    Founder and Producer, Telltale Games
  340. Kevin Bushong
  341. Kevin Darby
    Associate Producer, Microsoft
  342. Kevin Dent
  343. Kevin Hamano
    Founder, Ignite Wonder
  344. Kiki Wolfkill
    Partner Executive Producer, 343 Industries
  345. Kirk Hamilton
    Editor, Kotaku
  346. Kootra
  347. Kris Kaufman
    Podcast Host, Noise Channel
  348. Kris Straub
    Managing Member, Chainsawsuit Studios LLC
  349. Kristin Reilly
    Global Program Manager, Microsoft
  350. Kyle Bosman
    Senior Editor, GameTrailers
  351. Kyle Gaddo
    Editor-In-Chief, Save/Continue
  352. Lance Hoke
    Producer, Robot Entertainment
  353. Landon Durnan
    Podcaster, BigSushi FM
  354. Lat Ware
    Founder, Crooked Tree Studios
  355. Laura Kate Dale
    Writer and Journalist, Kotaku UK
  356. Laura Schneider
    Owner, Meeples Games
  357. Lauren White, PhD
    Design Researcher, Microsoft
  358. Lawrence Sonntag
    Producer, Machinima
  359. Lexxy Douglass
    Artist, Motiga
  360. Lily Nishita
    Web Designer, Naughty Dog
  361. Lily Williamson
    Producer, Waywardsprites
  362. Linda 'Brasse' Carlson
    Director, Global Community Relations, Sony Online Entertainment
  363. Linda Carlson
    Director of Global Relations, Sony Online Entertainment
  364. Lindsay Aries
    Special Effects Costumer, Leeleethebunny Cosplay
  365. Lindsay Miller
    Leading User Tests Expert, Behemoth
  366. Lisa Brown
    Game Designer, Insomniac Games
  367. Lisa Castaneda
    CEO, foundry10
  368. Lisa Graff
    Vice President and General Manager, Desktop Production Group, Intel Corporation
  369. Liz Courts
    Webstore Gninja, Paizo
  370. LordMinion777
  371. Luke Crane
    Community Manager for Games, Kickstarter
  372. Luke Smith
    Design Lead , Bungie
  373. Luke Timmins
    Engineering Lead , Bungie
  374. M.E. Chung
    Design Lead , Bungie
  375. Marcus 'djWHEAT' Graham
    Director of Community and Education, Twitch
  376. Mariko McDonald
    Writer and Indie Game Marketing Consultant, Gamerwife
  377. Mark Barlet
    Founder, AbleGamers
  378. Mark Hayler
  379. Mark Long
    CEO, Shrapnel
  380. Mark Magnusson
    UX Research Lead, EA Sports
  381. Mark Rosen
    Captain, US Army (ret)
  382. Mark Yetter
    Game Designer, Riot Games
  383. Markiplier
  384. Maron, Max 'GassyMexican' Gonzalez
  385. Martin O'Donnell
  386. Martin Oand#39;Donnell
  387. Martine Paris
    PR and Events Manager, Tapjoy
  388. Marty Sliva
    Game Scoop Beard, IGN
  389. Mary Kish
    Producer, Gamespot
  390. Mary Mann
    Master Seamstress, Mann and Cloth
  391. Mat Staltman
    Developer, Bootsnake Games
  392. Matt Canj
    Community Manager, IndieGameStand
  393. Matt Chandronait
    Producer, Area5
  394. Matt Gilgenbach
    Founder, Infinitap Games
  395. Matt Griffin
    Designer and Programmer, Chucklefish
  396. Matt Hansen
    Executive Producer, Double Fine Productions
  397. Matt Rice
    Engineering Manager, Monolith Productions
  398. Matt Vainio
    Visual Effects Artist, Sucker Punch Productions
  399. Matthew Anderson
    Community Manager, Six Foot
  400. Matthew Wagner
    SSgt, US Army Rangers (ret)
  401. Max P de Vries
    Development Director, Popcap
  402. Max Scoville
    Video Warlock, Destructoid
  403. Max Temkin
    Cards Against Humanity
  404. Maya Kramer
    Indie PR, Love
  405. Megan Farokhmanesh
    Editor, Polygon
  406. Megan Fox
    Founder / Programmer / Designer, Glass Bottom Games
  407. Megan Spurr
    Managing Editor, Dorkadia.com
  408. Melonie Mac
  409. Meris Mullaley
    Fabric Alchemist and Cosplayer, Independent
  410. Mia Gipson
    QA Tester, Her Interactive
  411. Michael de Plater
    Director of Design, Monolith Productions
  412. Michael Gnade
    Founder, IndieGameStand
  413. Michael Robles
    Community Coordinator, Microsoft
  414. Michelle Juett Silva
    Art Unicorn, Ska Studios
  415. Mike 'Gabe' Krahulik
    Penny Arcade
  416. Mike Cosimano
    Editor-In-Chief, Video Game Choo Choo
  417. Mike Futter
    Game Informer
  418. Mike Krahulik
    Penny Arcade
  419. Mike Laidlaw
    Lead Designer, Dragon Age, Bioware
  420. Mike Mearls
    D and D Senior Manager, Wizards of the Coast LLC
  421. Mike Mika
  422. Mike Robles
    Community Coordinator, Microsoft
  423. Mike Schmitt
    Sr. Marketing, Tripwire Interactive
  424. Mike Selinker
    Game Designer, Lone Shark Games
  425. Mike Thompson
    Knowledgebase Coordinator, 2K Games
  426. Mike Uyama
    AGDQ Organizer, Games Done Quick
  427. Mikey Neumann
    Chief Creative Champion, Gearbox Software
  428. Mikey Newmann
    Chief Creative Champion, Gearbox Software
  429. Mitch Dyer
    Editor, IGN
  430. Monica Marume
    Translator, NIS America, Inc.
  431. Morgan 'Rhoulette FD' Romine
    PhD Candidate/Researcher, UC Irvine Anthropology
  432. Morgan Hill
    Producer/Designer, East Side Games
  433. Mortem3r
  434. Naomi Kyle
    Host, IGN
  435. Natalia 'Tally' Heilke
    Craft Blogger, Mother of Plushies, Desert Bus for Hope Craft-Along Coordinator, Tally and #39;s Treasury, Desert Bus for Hope
  436. Natalie Lander
    VO Actress, Volition
  437. Nate Downes
    President, Missing Worlds Media
  438. Nathan Anthony
    Composer, Derris Kharlan
  439. Nathan Evers
    Graphic Designer / Artist, Digital Future Lab
  440. Neha Tiwari
    Executive Producer, Gamespot
  441. Neils Clark
    Professor, DigiPen
  442. Nick Breckon
    Writer, Telltale Games
  443. Nick Bristow
    Editor, Geekly Inc
  444. Nik Davidson
    Lead Game Designer, Wizards of the Coast
  445. Nikolaus Davidson
    Advanced Game Designer, Wizards of the Coast
  446. NintendoCapriSun
  447. Nolan T. Jones
    Co-Founder, Roll20
  448. Oleksa Lozowchuk
    Composer/Producer, Capcom
  449. Parviz Soleymani
    Owner, Protatomonster
  450. Pat Baer
    Performer, UCB Theatre
  451. Patrick Boyle
    Owner, Instalok
  452. Patrick Hudson
    CEO, Robot Entertainment
  453. Patrick Klepek
    News Editor, Giant Bomb
  454. Patrick Mulhern
    EIC, LoreHound
  455. Patrick Rothfuss
    Writer, Independent
  456. Peter Brown
  457. Peter Chan
    Concept Artist and Illustrator
  458. Peter Holzapfel
    Game Director, YAGER
  459. Peter McConnell
    Composer, Little Big Note Music
  460. Phil Hornshaw
    Senior Editor, GameFront
  461. Phil Ranta
    VP of Talent Operations, Fullscreen
  462. Phil Straub
    Art Director, Monolith Productions
  463. Phoebe Johnson
    Trivia Ambassador, VGMT
  464. ProtoJon
  465. Qais Fulton
    Narrative Designer, Freelance
  466. Rachel 'Seltzer FD' Quirico
    Frag Doll, Ubisoft
  467. Raheem Jarbo
    MC, Mega Ran aka Random
  468. Rami Ismail
    Business and Development Guy, Vlambeer
  469. Raphael van Lierop
    Creative Director, Hinterland Games
  470. Raychul Moore
    YouTube host, Raychul.com
  471. Rebecca Heinemam
    CEO, Old Skuul
  472. Rebecca Heineman
    Olde Skuul, CEO
  473. Rich Weil
    VP, Client Relations, Metaverse Mod Squad
  474. Richard Dansky
    Central Clancy Writer, Ubisoft/Red Storm
  475. Richard Rouse III
    Director / Designer / Writer, Paranoid Productions
  476. Richard Surroz
    Kingtroll of Modding, Out of the Box Mods
  477. Richard Weil
    VP of Client Services, Metaverse Mod Squad
  478. Rick Heaton
    Community Manager, Extra Life
  479. Robert West
    Indie Developer, Robotronic Games
  480. Robin Flodin
  481. Rocco Botte
  482. Rod Fergusson
  483. Rod Rosenberg
    Capt and #39;n Laser, BSMods
  484. Rodrigo Velloso
    Director of Content Partnerships, YouTube
  485. RubberRoss
  486. Rubi Bayer
    Social Media Coordinator, AreaNet
  487. Russ Pitts
    Editor, False Gravity
  488. Ryan Clark
    Designer and Founder, Brace Yourself Games
  489. Ryan Dancey
    CEO, Goblinworks
  490. Ryan Ellis
    Technical Art Director, Bungie
  491. Ryan Ike
    Composer/Sound Designer, Independent
  492. Ryan J Black
    Co-Chair, Information Technology, McMillan LLP
  493. Ryan LaFlamme
    Tabletop Critic, The Cardboard Republic
  494. Ryan Payton
    Designer, Camouflaj
  495. Ryan Schott
    Co-Founder, Screenwave Media
  496. Ryan Wells
    Wells Productions
  497. Sage LaTorra
    Designer, Sage Kobold
  498. Sam Prell
    Weekend Editor, Joystiq
  499. Samantha Kalman
  500. Samit Sakar
    Reporter, Polygon
  501. Sanya Weathers
    Director of Community, Undead Labs
  502. Sara Chicazul
    Seamstress, Maker of Things, Chicazul Media
  503. Sara Shepherd
    Managing Editor - Local Tech / Geek News, PvE Portland
  504. Sarah Grissom
    FX Artist, FXville
  505. Sascha Dikiciyan
  506. Scott
    Extra Credits
  507. Scott 'DJ Skee' Keeney
  508. Scott Hartsman
    Trion Wars
  509. Scott Rubin
    Host, GeekNights
  510. Seamus
  511. Sean Vanaman
    Developer, Campo Santo
  512. Sean Velasco
    Captain, Yacht Club Games
  513. Sean Z Maker
    President, BentCon
  514. Seth 'SethBling'
    SethBling, Mindcrack
  515. Seven DeBord
    Founder, Loot Club, IndieHangover
  516. Shane Wilson
    Director, Curse.com
  517. Shannon Riddle
  518. Shawn A. Allen
    Treachery in Beatdown City
  519. Shawn Chatfield
  520. Shiboo Krismer-Blalack
    MC, Shubzilla
  521. Simon Berman
    Staff Writer and Community Manager, Privateer Press
  522. Simone de Rochefort
    Content Developer and Special Projects Manager, Pixelkin
  523. Sky Williams
    Owner, Sky
  524. Stacey Weber
    Psychotherapist / Gamer, Face the Sea, LLP
  525. Stan Press
    Senior Marketing Manager, El Gato
  526. Stephanie Bayer
    Community Manager, Insomniac Games
  527. Stephen 'Stepto' Toulouse
    Director of Community Engagement, Black Tusk Studios
  528. Steve Isaacs
    Technology Instructor, William Annin Middle School
  529. Steve Jaros
    Creative Director, Volition
  530. Steven Carlton
    Senior Editor, NIS America, Inc.
  531. Steven Perry
    MC, Death*Star
  532. Surprise Guests!
    Extra Credits
  533. Susan Arendt
    Managing Editor, Joystiq
  534. Swery
  535. Tadhg Kelly
    Game Designer, Consultant, Columnist, Creator, What Games Are
  536. Tally Heilke Peters
    Craft Blogger, Plushie Designer, Seamstress, and Desert Bus for Hope Prizes and Sponsorship Coordinator, Tally and #39;s Treasury, LoadingReadyRun
  537. Tanya X. Short
    Creative Director, Kitfox Games
  538. Theresa Pudenz
    Test Lead, Experis
  539. Tifa Robles
    Founder, Organizer, The Lady Planeswalkers Society
  540. Tim James
    Software Engineer, YouTube
  541. Tim Keenan
    Co-Founder, Misfits Attic
  542. Tim Rogers
    Game Designer, Action Button Entertainment
  543. Tim Schafer
    President and CEO, Double Fine Productions
  544. Tina Amini
    Editor, Kotaku
  545. Toiya Kristen Finley
    Narrative Designer/Game Writer and Game Designer, Schnoodle Media, LLC
  546. Tom Abernathy
    Lead Writer, Riot Games
  547. Tom Lommel
    Founder, The Dungeon Bastard
  548. Tom Swanson
    Development and Implmentation, foundry10
  549. Toni Rocca
    President, GaymerX
  550. Too Many Other People to List
  551. Tork Shaw
    Designer, Goblinworks
  552. Travis 'Samox' Beauchamp
    Producer of the Smash Brothers documtary, East Point Pictures
  553. Travis Janks
    LN Coolmeister, Nexgen Consulting
  554. Trent Kusters
    Designer / Director, League Of Geeks
  555. Trevor Murdock
    Founder/Organizer, Planeswalkers for Diversity
  556. Trevor Stricker
    Founder, Disco Pixel
  557. Trin Garritano
    Cards Against Humanity
  558. Troy Baker
    and quot;Talion and quot;, Monolith Productions
  559. Troy Goodfellow
    Writer, Paradox
  560. Troy Hewitt
    Senior Community Manager, Motiga
  561. Tyler 'Zisteau'
    Zisteau, Mindcrack
  562. Tysan James
    Owner, Amazing Heroes: Toys and Video Games
  563. UberHaxorNova
  564. Wes Phillips
    Player Experience Manager, Epic Games
  565. Wes Schneider
    Editor-in-Chief, Paizo
  566. Will Armstrong
    Programmer, Campo Santo
  567. Will Stallwood
    Founder/Game Developer, Cipher Prime Studios
  568. William Murphy
    Managing Editor, MMORPG.com
  569. Xav de Matos
    Feature Content Director, Joystiq
  570. Yamilia Avendano
    Founder, Twinfinite
  571. Yoko Nishikawa
    Localization Director, NIS America, Inc.
  572. Zach Wigal
    Founder, Gamers Outreach
  573. Zoe Quinn
    Designer, The Quinnspiracy