Anna Shields

Anna M. Shields is a scholar of Chinese literature of the Tang, Five Dynasties, and Northern Song eras. She is the author of two books, Crafting a Collection: The Cultural Contexts and Poetic Practice of the Collection from among the Flowers (Huajian ji), published by the Harvard Asia Center (2006), and One Who Knows Me: Friendship and Literary Culture in Mid-Tang China, forthcoming from the Harvard Asia Center in February 2015. She has taught at the University of Michigan, the University of Arizona, Princeton University, and is currently Associate Professor of Chinese and Interim Director of Asian Studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She received her B.A. in French and Comparative Literature from Washington University in St. Louis, her M.A. in East Asian Studies from Harvard University, and her Ph.D. in Chinese literature from Indiana University. A voracious reader of all genres and styles, she has been a fantasy and science fiction fan since childhood, having grown up in Huntsville, Alabama (aka Rocket City, USA). Her academic website is found here: