David Drake

David Drake was born in Dubuque in 1945. He graduated from the U of Iowa with a double major in history and Latin, then married and started Duke Law School. Everything was going fine until the Army drafted him in 1969, changing his immediate career path to a choice between interrogator or grunt. He chose interrogator and was assigned to the 11th Cav, the Blackhorse, thus spending much of 1970 riding armored vehicles through jungles instead of slogging on foot.

He completed my law degree at Duke in 1971 and became Chapel Hill's Assistant Town Attorney while trying to put his life back together through fiction that made sense of what He saw and did in the Army. (It still doesn't make any sense.)

Since 1981 He has been a fulltime SF and fantasy writer. Depending on how you count, somewhere between 65 and a couple hundred books by me have come out from major publishers. He and his wife and have one son and one grandson, and live in the nice house they built in the middle of Chatham County, NC.