Ellen Asher

Ellen Asher became the editor of the Science Fiction Book Club in February, 1973, and held that position for thirty-four years and three months, thereby fulfilling her life's ambition of beating John W. Campbell's record as the person with the longest tenure in the same science fiction job.  In 2001 she received the New England Science Fiction Association's Edward E. Smith Memorial Award for Imaginative Fiction (the Skylark), of which she is inordinately proud. In 2007 she received a World Fantasy Award in the category Special Award: Professional for her work with the SFBC, which was, if anything, even more overwhelming.  Shortly thereafter she was made a Fellow of NESFA.  In 2009 she received a second World Fantasy Award, this time for Lifetime Achievement.  Also in 2009, she became, in a minuscule way, a published author with a short essay in Nebula Awards® Showcase 2009, edited by Ellen Datlow.  She left the Book Club in June, 2007, and now spends her time riding horses, taking ballet classes, baking (and eating) cookies, and reading things that aren't necessarily SF.  Being retired is wonderful.