Gardner Dozois

Gardner Dozois, one of the most acclaimed editors in science-fiction, was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2011. He won the Hugo Award for Best Editor 15 times and multiple Locus awards. As a writer, Dozois twice won the Nebula Award for best short story. This year, Dozoir is honored by the World Fantasy Convention in the Anthology category as co-editor, along with George R. R. Martin, for Dangerous Women (Tor Books/Voyager UK). Dozois is the founding editor of The Year's Best Science Fiction anthologies (1984–present) and was the editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine for 20 years. He is co-editor of the Warrior anthologies, Songs of the Dying Earth, and many others.  His short fiction is featured in numerous collections, including The Visible Man (1977), Slow Dancing through Time (1990), and When the Great Days Come (2011). He is the author of one solo novel, Strangers (1978), as well as a collaboration with George Alec Effinger, Nightmare Blue (1977), and a collaboration with George R. R. Martin and Daniel Abraham for Hunter's Run (2008). His 2006 novelette Counterfactual won the Sidewise Award for best alternate-history short story. Born July 23, 1947 in Salem, Massachusetts, Dozois currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.