J. Tullos Hennig

With an inveterate fascination in other times and places, J Tullos Hennig has managed a few professions in this world–equestrian, teacher, artist, dancer–but has never successfully managed to not be a writer. Ever. Drawn to both Speculative and Historical Fiction, Jen's most recent work is a darkly magical, award-winning Historical Fantasy series based on the legends of Robin Hood. A lifelong passion for history and myth is given its due in Greenwode, Shirewode, and the upcoming Winterwode.

Blessed with a longstanding and amazing spouse, kids and grandkids, Jen is plagued and blessed with a pair of equine freeloaders on retirement pensions, a teenage wolfhound who alternates leaping over the sofa with snoozing on it, and a press gang of "imaginary friends"who Will. Not. Be. Silenced. Further information about present and future work can be found at http://www.jtulloshennig.net